This Top-Rated $7 Sunscreen Applicator Is the Answer to Your Solo Beach Days

Applying sunscreen is a crucial step between moisturizer and makeup in my morning routine year-round. But it doesn't stop with my face and neck. In the summer when I'm no longer bundled up in crewneck sweatshirts and jeans, the rest of my skin needs all the protection it can get. While I can apply sunscreen to my arms, legs, and shoulders with ease, getting an even coat on my back without a helping hand is the ultimate struggle.

Luckily, there's a simple tool to the rescue. The Kingsley Lotion Applicator ($7), with an impressive 839 5-star reviews on Amazon, has a 15-inch wooden handle and foam applicator that makes applying sunscreen to hard-to-reach areas a breeze.

Think of the handle as an extra arm: After squeezing some sunscreen onto the foam paddle, just reach it over your head to coat your back in a few swift motions. You can also use it with self-tanner for a summery glow on without a bunch of unsightly streaks. After you apply sunscreen or lotion, simply rinse it clean with warm, sudsy water and hang it up to air dry until your next outing.

Before you stock up on sunscreen, go with some reef-safe options that will keep you (and ocean life) protected all summer long. Also, if you're wearing makeup, these choices will let you reapply without messing it up.

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