3 Easy and Thoughtful Ways To Show Appreciation to Delivery Drivers, the True MVPs of the Holiday Season

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For most, Christmas is a joyful time of year, but it can also be stressful, especially for delivery drivers. From the stress of meeting stringent delivery deadlines, to dealing with tough weather conditions, to carrying heavy loads, couriers are working hard to deliver last-minute gifts and goodies that make the holidays possible. While we can't physically excuse them from their delivery duties, there's still a way to show them that we appreciate all that they do to make this time of year a happy one. Scroll down to learn about the best ways to show appreciation to delivery drivers this holiday season.

3 ways to show appreciation to delivery drivers this holiday season

1. Leave snacks and drinks out

Delivery drivers make multiple stops along their route with little to no time for snacking or water breaks. To help your local drivers refuel, it can be helpful to leave easy-to-eat noms like single-serving bags of chips and granola bars. Also helpful to include: unopened bottles of water, energy drinks, or electrolyte beverages so they can stay hydrated.

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If you're leaving these items outside your front door, remember to put them in a container—be it a box or snack cart—and leave a sign. If you need inspiration, go to TikTok where you'll find no shortage of cute signage. One TikToker's sign read: "For our awesome delivery drivers, please take a snack for the road."

Gatorade, Thirst Quencher Variety Pack (Pack of 24) — $12.00

Help your local courier hydrate with Gatorade’s Thirst Quenchers. This variety pack includes best-selling flavors, including fruit punch, orange, lemon-lime, and cool blue.

body armour sports drink
Bodyarmor, Lyte Sports Drink Beverage (Pack of 12) — $17.00

This drink is packed with electrolytes to keep drivers on their toes this holiday season.

starbucks doubleshot energy
Starbucks, Doubleshot Energy (Pack of 12) — $27.00

For the drivers that need an extra boost, look no further than Starbucks Doubleshot Energy. This 12-pack features mocha-flavored goodness with each sip.

clif bars mini
Clif Bars, Mini Energy Bars (Pack of 30) — $27.00

For a refuel, stock your mini cart or basket with these Clif energy bars. This pack of 30 has customer-beloved flavors, from chocolate chip to crunchy peanut butter to white chocolate macadamia nut (yum).

Welch's Fruit Snacks
Welch's, Fruit Snacks (Pack of 60) — $16.00

You can’t go wrong with fruit snacks—and no, you can’t be too old to enjoy a fruit snack! This variety pack of 60 features a super fruit and mixed fruit mix.

veggie chips
Sensible Portions, Garden Veggie Straws — $20.00

Veggie straws are easy to eat thanks to the individually-wrapped packaging. Each bag contains 130 calories to give your delivery driver an energy boost throughout the day.

2. Give a gift card

Want to go the extra mile? Gifts cards makes great appreciation gifts. If you've got multiple delivery drivers who serve your home, consider a four-pack of $10 Starbucks gift cards. For the UPS, Uber Eats, FedEx, or Amazon delivery drivers that go above and beyond, consider a $200 Southwest Airlines gift card or a $50 AMC Theater one. Important to keep in mind, though: Federal workers may not be allowed to accept gifts or donations over $20 per occasion and not over $50 in a year from a single source, per the Department of Justice. If you do give a gift card, keep it within the limit.

starbucks gift card
Starbucks, Gifts Cards (Pack of 4) — $40.00

Got multiple drivers serving your route? Consider this Starbucks pack of 4. From Frappes to lattes, the driver in your life can indulge in a tasty morning cup of joe.

sephora gift card
Sephora, Gift Card — $25.00

Anything from Sephora makes a great gift. By gifting this $25 gift card, you local courier can access high-quality beauty and skin-care products on you.

southwest airlines gift card
Southwest Airlines, Gift Card — $200.00

To treat the UPS, FedEx, or Amazon driver who went above and beyond this year, the Southwest Airlines gift card makes a great gift. The courier can use it to plan their next well-deserved vacation. Destination pending…

amc gift card
Amc Theater, Gift Card — $50.00

AMC Theaters promises an unforgettable movie experience, and you can give the gift of cinema with this $50 gift card. Plus, the driver can use it on popcorn and other theater goodies.

subway gift card
Subway, Gift Card (Pack of 5) — $50.00

Give the gift of lunch this year with Subway’s gift pack of five. Known for their iconic foot long sandwiches, Subway is the one place your drivers can grab a filling and tasty bite.

3. Leave a thank you note

There's nothing that reads appreciation louder than a hand-written "thank you" note. A few sentences on how much you appreciate the drivers in your route can go a long way.

thank you card
Chriz, Thank You Card — $4.00

Write a heartfelt message in Chriz’s thank you card. “Thank you” is stamped in gold foil, giving this card a luxe look.

thank you cards
Run2print, Thank You Cards With Envelopes & Stickers (Pack of 36) — $15.00

To get the most out of your dollar bills, Run2print’s 36-pack of cards are minimal in design that they’ll be giftable to any body. Made of textured, Italian paper, this card will last the tale of time and can be displayed on the refrigerator for years to come.

While these things are not an end-all solution to the hectic delivery schedules that couriers have to undergo, these small gestures of appreciation can remind drivers how grateful we are to them for making these wintry months a cheery time.

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