April 2023 Wellness Horoscope: How the Cosmos Will Affect Your Well-being This Month, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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April showers bring May flowers, or so they say. And from a cosmic perspective, the month of April could bring us lots of blooming, too. A few transits this month could push us all toward personal growth, helping shape every sign’s April 2023 wellness horoscope.

One highlight as we start the month and move through fiery Aries season is the Jupiter cazimi on April 11. As fancy as that word may sound, cazimi is just a term that’s used to describe the moment when a planet makes a conjunction (aka aligns) with the sun. When it occurs, the sun is thought to uplift the properties of the planet with which it’s connected—in this case, Jupiter and all its positive, expansive energy. As such, the cazimi could offer us all a sense of expanded possibility and glass-half-full vibes. (And for Aries, in particular, the conjunction in your sign could summon one of your best days of the year.)

Maintaining that optimistic perspective could prove helpful throughout the rest of the month, given a few of the tougher celestial happenings. For instance, on April 20, we’ll face a solar eclipse at the last degree of Aries. While solar eclipses usher in beginnings, they’re also accompanied by endings—and this one in Aries is encouraging us to be bold and tap into our confidence as we let go of whatever needs to be released so that new seeds can take root.

A solar eclipse in Aries this April is encouraging us to be bold and tap into our confidence as we let go of whatever needs to be released.

That inner strength will be especially important the next day as Mercury goes retrograde, throwing things for a bit of a loop when Taurus season starts, on April 21. Classically, a Mercury retrograde period can prompt miscommunications and crossed wires—but, despite the transit’s reputation, this period of time isn’t necessarily all bad. In actuality, there’s great growth that can come from it if we use Mercury’s apparent reversal as a prompt to do the same: Go back over things, retrace your steps, reconsider, and reconnect.

Very much in line with slow-and-steady Taurus season, the idea with Mercury retrograde is to turn your attention to the past and look for steps you might’ve skipped in previous communication. And rather than charging ahead, move at a slower pace, relishing the power of pausing and reflecting.

Exactly how you can expect to feel this energy—plus, other key moments in April’s astrology—depends on your zodiac sign. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to discover possible stressors and stellar opportunities, so that you can boost your well-being this month.

April 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Jupiter moving through your sign makes you one of the luckiest zodiac signs this year, Aries. And your monthly horoscope for April points to some lucky breaks that could contribute to your overall sense of well-being.

On April 5, the sun unites with Chiron (an asteroid associated with healing) in your sign, prompting an “a ha!” moment about what’s been getting in the way of you feeling your very best. When the solar eclipse emerges on April 20, make a commitment to releasing whatever that negative self-perception or bad habit may be. Remember that, as a self-starter cardinal sign, when you set your mind to something, (almost) nothing can stand in your way of achieving it.

Wellness tip: Focus on one wellness-depleting habit that you want to kick, and commit to doing so.


When Mercury enters your sign on April 3, your desire for learning shifts into high gear, Taurus. Yet around April 21, as the messenger planet goes retrograde, you may find communication to be a challenge. The trick: Align with your Taurean desire to proceed slowly, taking the time to weave together what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling to arrive at a more holistic understanding of the situation at hand. This way, you can communicate from a place of personal confidence and avoid crossing wires.

Wellness tip: Spend time alone this month to tune out from your logical mind and get in touch with how you actually feel about the happenings in your sphere.


You tend to get flummoxed when Mercury goes retrograde, given that it’s your planetary ruler, Gemini. And you can certainly expect some of that tension when Mercury goes retrograde on April 21. As usual, slowing down and reviewing the past will be your best tactic to weather the storm—and in this case, in particular, that might look like diving deep into your familial lineage, given that Mercury is moving backward through your 12th house of ancestral connections. Exploring and unwinding the patterns passed down through your family could offer healing.

Wellness tip: Check out a book on the subject of familial patterns such as It Didn’t Start with You by Mark Wolynn or The Origins of You by Vienna Pharaon.


The full moon on April 6 may illuminate the ways in which your work does—or doesn’t—nurture you, or how you might achieve better balance between your work and home life, Cancer. And it’s important to take note of any feelings that surface around this lunation because the solar eclipse on April 20 falls in your 10th house of career, potentially prompting a shift in your work pursuits. While you may not bust any big moves just yet, a change in perception now could offer a glimpse of the path you may want to take in the coming months.

Wellness tip: Schedule at least one small break during every workday.


There’s a lot of action for you this month in your ninth house of travel and exploration, Leo. It’s the part of your chart illuminated by the lucky Jupiter cazimi on April 11 and by the solar eclipse on April 20. Given this, you could feel a strong drive to broaden your horizons and get a bit philosophical. Engaging in travel or educational experiences that expand your perspective could hold the key to tapping into a greater sense of well-being this month.

Wellness tip: Sign up for a new course on a topic about which you’ve been feeling curious, or engage in some wanderlust and start planning future travel.


Like Gemini, you tend to feel particularly off when Mercury shifts retrograde, Virgo, given this planet is also your planetary ruler. To minimize the chance for stress, make sure that beginning on April 21, you slow down when it comes to both gathering information and sharing what you know. Instead of charging ahead, go with the flow and embrace your intuition and imagination.

Wellness tip: Keep a dream journal this month as your visions may end up being key to finding new pathways toward ease.


Relationships are a key theme for you this month, Libra. With the full moon on April 6 occurring in your sign, you may find yourself really embracing an important partnership. (Speaking of, a new collaboration at work may also spark your creativity.) When your planetary ruler, love planet Venus, forms a harmonious trine with powerful Pluto on April 11, look out for an invitation to really stand in your values and more deeply define what love means to you.

Wellness tip: Create a vision board dedicated to the things you value in life, in others, and, most importantly, in yourself.


You could find yourself intellectually stimulated this month, Scorpio, as your planetary ruler Pluto connects with mind-focused Mercury on April 3. A mystery in your life is waiting to be solved, and you could get a clue to the answer on April 20, when Pluto forms a square to the solar eclipse. There’s something hidden that wants to emerge, and your curiosity to get to the heart of every matter will be essential in uncovering the truth.

Wellness tip: Do some kind of cleansing exercise this weekend, whether it’s a deep skin exfoliation or a decluttering session. Releasing whatever is outworn can be a path to renewal.


You’ve got luck on your side on April 11, Sagittarius, as your planetary ruler Jupiter makes its union with the sun. Make sure to give yourself all the space you need to be all of who you are. Given that this alignment, as well as the solar eclipse on April 20, occurs in your fifth house of self-expression, April is a month to give yourself permission to be wildly creative and discover (or rediscover) the unique flair you bring to life.

Wellness tip: Lean into an artistic hobby, take yourself on a date, or go on a solo walk.


Are the systems you’ve created and the investments you’re making actually working for you, Capricorn? Given your planetary ruler Saturn makes a tense square with values-driven Venus on April 14, it’s important to consider whether the efforts you’re taking at work, at home, and in your social life are in support of your values. The solar eclipse on April 20 in your fourth house of familial roots could offer you a chance to form new foundations and set new systems in place that help you feel more secure.

Wellness tip: Find a space in your home that you can dedicate to activities that enhance your well-being, such as meditating, yoga, reading, or anything else integral to your self-care regimen.


Money matters may be on your radar this month, Aquarius. Conversations with a friend or family member around April 5 may help you figure out how to generate more assets…or acknowledge the asset that you are. Yet, as sound as the advice may be, let it marinate for a little while, until the square between Venus and your planetary ruler Saturn occurs on April 14. In the days that follow, see how you can act on that suggestion and move toward an abundance mindset.

Wellness tip: Ask a few loved ones the simple question, "How would you describe me?" And let yourself be surprised and delighted by the gifts and talents that they see in you.


“I can do this” is a great mantra for you this month, Pisces. That’s because you’re primed to have experiences that open your eyes to the breadth of your resourcefulness. This awareness may come to you via loved ones on April 7 when Venus forms an affirming sextile with your planetary ruler Neptune. And on April 11, as Jupiter and the sun align, you could receive a lucky break that helps to further boost your confidence in yourself.

Wellness tip: Practice mirror work by facing yourself in the mirror and speaking a positive affirmation out loud.

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