The April Energy Forecast Is Full of Chaos—but a Shaman Says You Can Use It for Personal Growth

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There is nothing more important in spirituality and healing work than honestly facing yourself, embodying your unique gifts and high vibrations, and not spiritually bypassing anything. With monthly Rock-Star Energy forecasts, “Rock-Star Shaman” Alyson Charles represents those elements by communicating the wisdoms of both Earth (rock) and sky (star).

Focusing on these Rock-Star elements for monthly energy forecasts assures that throughout our respective spiritual journey, we are grounding, rooting, and working on our lower chakras and our earthly, human tasks and behaviors. At the same time, we are also expanding, rising, working with the upper chakras, and connecting to the cosmos and stars to collaborate with the divine energy of the universe. 

In last month’s energy forecast, I referenced forthcoming energies of great change that may possibly evoke pain. I mentioned that we would enter into a “void” or unknown, and that a sense of perspective and trust would be key for being able to navigate it. Well, given the pandemic-level spread of COVID-19 this past month, it appears we have indeed entered into perhaps the greatest period of unknown most have ever experienced, which is why the April energy forecast includes a lot of chaos and uncertainty.

Allow now to be a time of immense awakening and expansion with the greatest peace, trust, and grace as possible.

In light of this unknown we're in the midst of, the guidance I’ve channeled for April includes tips, of course, but also a strong request that you allow now to be a time of immense awakening and expansion with the greatest peace, trust, and grace as possible.


This is a pivotal time that is rooted in Earthly reality. Through this global pandemic, many are facing their greatest fears. Remember, though, we can have our greatest miraculous awakenings through our greatest challenges. The key in this transcendence is dedicating yourself to your connection with whatever higher power resonates with you and facing yourself so you can clearly see how and where you can improve both yourself and your life. The sooner you surrender and align with these realms, the quicker the grounded solutions and guidance from the higher power can present.

We are also seeing an unraveling of the more “yang” ways of life, which include optimizing productivity and busying or distracting oneself to perhaps avoid facing inward work. Now, as a collective society, we are shifting so many things to more “yin” waters that are in line with internal reconfiguration and flow. It will be important in the days and weeks ahead to look to nature for help and clues to root into a practice around cleansing. From there, deep introspection will allow us to see glory within that we’ve never acknowledged before.


One theme of April energy is that through deeper accessing into unseen realms, we will learn and better understand how to emerge from challenging times as even brighter, more powerful, and love-filled humans. Through spending more time with ourselves and, hopefully, doing more inward work, we will learn on much deeper levels who we truly are. We will become less dependent on external validation to provide a sense of worth or temporary joy. This is a time to go deep within yourself to expand in your spiritual gifts and abilities; a time of inner knowing versus external showing.

2 Rock-Star techniques for finding expansion and growth despite the April energy forecast of chaos

1. Connect with the Earth element of water

Any water-based rituals, like taking healing baths, will align you with your growing intuitive powers and sense of inner-knowing, which is key for trusting your personal power in the void. Also, look to any source of nature to hear and see its communication—trees and animals presenting and speaking by moving, singing, and being.

Look to the clouds, rainbows, and the sun. Examine all that nature wants to express to you much more closely than you normally would. Learn to hear the whispers of the wind and to trust what you pick up on, as nature is here to support, heal. and empower. Be especially on the lookout for any extraordinary nature-based phenomena happening this month.

2. Take discerning stock of your relationships

As our lives continue to change, we'll see a lot—including our relationships—with renewed clarity and perspective. Take time this month to ask yourself the following five questions.

    1. Is it time to forgive anyone in my life (myself included)?
    2. Can I make amends with others?
    3. How can I improve my relationship with myself?
    4. During these changes, what can I do to lift old weights or burdens from my shoulders?
    5. What practices can I adopt to take unnecessary pressure off myself?

Remember that you may shift into different emotional directions many times throughout each day, so having compassion for yourself and others during this time of growth is key.

While the April energy forecast includes feelings of utter chaos, knowing and anticipating this can allow for great personal expansion. It’s all about holding the line and continuing to walk forward in new ways. Allow yourself to be consciously aware of how you can positively grow. Also, practice gratitude and sending prayers out to others and the world at large, regularly asking your heart and soul, “how can I best be of service today?” This may prove to be the most powerful thing you can do.

Alyson Charles, aka Rock-Star Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips to teach people how to awaken their power. 


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