5 Wellness April Fools’ Day Jokes We Totally Fell For

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Every day at Well+Good HQ, we dig deep into the latest headline-grabbing wellness news, deciphering what's legit and what's not. Because, let's be real: Even when it's not April Fools' Day, some of the trends that pop up in the wellness world can sound like a joke.

While we've been known to have our fair share of April Fools' Day fun (shout out to those of you still trying to order a kale massager—we see you!), this year, we have to hand it to some other wily brands. Hats off to the masterminds behind the below five pranks. You totally got us!

1. Cauli-milk is the latest alt-milk. Given that cauliflower can be transformed into pizza crust, is it really that far-fetched that it could become the latest alt-milk ingredient? And hey, in our defense, what can't you milk these days? But Fresh Direct's "caulk cauliflower milk" is definitely not happening anytime soon. D'oh!

2. Tinder's new height verification. Adding a few inches to their height is notoriously one of the biggest deceptions people tell on dating apps. Which would make Tinder's new height verification badge a pretty handy feature. Unfortunately, there's still no sure way to know if your date is actually 5'11". Yet another reason to stick to wearing sneakers on first dates instead of heels.

3. Aligners for dogs. There are already chew toys specially crafted to prevent cavities, but dental care for canines stops there. PSA: You have to love your dog's toothy grin just the way it is. Dog aligners are not a thing.

4. Icelandic hot dog yogurt. Siggi's founder Siggi Hilmarsson did tell us that fish jerky was a traditional snack in Iceland, so incorporating a "pylsa" (Icelandic for "hot dog") into yogurt didn't seem that weird comparatively. Especially since it also has sauerkraut, which just ups the probiotics. What's Scandinavian for "gotcha"?

5. SoulCycle's silent workout class. Sure, the music at SoulCycle tends to be ah-mazing, but riding in silence in a dark studio lit by only candles sounds pretty sweet, too. Silence may be golden, but this is one class that won't be added to your queue anytime soon.

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