Water Is 1,000 Times Denser Than Air—Here’s How to Use It to Intensify Your Workouts

Ready to learn all about aqua cycling? Watch the video

What if you could combine the low-impact benefits of swimming with the cardio you get from hopping on a spin bike? Well, with aqua cycling, you totally can.

The most recent episode of Well+Good's YouTube show What the Wellness features director of creative development Ella Dove trying a submerged spin session for better lymphatic health. According to Esther Gauthier, founder of AQUA Studios in NYC, water is about 1,000 times denser than air. The density of liquid means aqua cycling acts as a full-body massage for your lymphatic system (which is in charge of collecting your body's excess liquid and filtering out cellular waste, bacteria, and pathogens).

Throughout the workout, Dove petals in place, stretches, and even does a round of high knees in the pool. She leaves feeling "like Gumby." Hey, I guess if you spend enough time pedaling through the extra weight of the water, moving on land is a cinch.

Watch the whole video to learn even more about the underwater workout.

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