Astrologer Susan Miller Names the Zodiac Sign That’s Going To Have the Best 2021

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Every year Susan Miller, all-star astrologer behind Astrology Zone, announces which zodiac sign will be celebrating its emerald year in full, fabulous fashion. As a reminder, a sign's emerald year is when its basically the zodiac wheel's favorite for 12 months—the cosmic homecoming queen, if you will. Sagittarius was the big winner in 2019, and Capricorn—despite what ultimately turned out to be a shudder-worthy year—was 2020. Now, the time has come for Capricorn to pass the crown to the next sign in the line of emerald year succession: 2021 is the Aquarius emerald year. Congrats, water-bearers!

So what exactly does the Aquarius emerald year entail? Well, really it comes down to this sign catching about a gazillion lucky breaks. The emerald year is, specifically, when Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and good fortune, smiles upon your sign. It means opportunities will be bountiful across the board, but it can also manifest into a few particular ways in each instance: "Aquarius is going to travel very far—Jupiter always has you traveling," says Miller. "Also…you [can] meet your life’s true north—your one true love. It’s the best aspect you could possibly have for meeting your one true love."

Miller adds that the Aquarius emerald year could also mark a fortuitous time to expand your family with a child, if that’s on the agenda. Or you could find yourself absolutely thriving professionally, which would make tons of sense for those who feel more settled into a newer, technologically oriented working climate. Ultimately, Aquarius is the most progressive-thinking member of the zodiac, the one who is most ready to live in the future.

"It’ll be all about them finding their true vocation and the way they can help people, because helping people is indigenous to [Aquarius]. It’s a humanitarian sign." —Susan Miller, astrologer

Incidentally, the Aquarius emerald year also syncs up with a pivotal moment in the Age of Aquarius: Due to many planets transiting in the air sign, we can expect 2021 to see society growing in an Aquarian vision. This means we’ll see an emphasis on using technology as a means to connect, a focus on promoting societal equity while recognizing personal individuality, and a desire to really just help others. And Aquarius is bound to thrive in such an era. "It’ll be all about them finding their true vocation and the way they can help people, because helping people is indigenous to [Aquarius]," says Miller. "It’s a humanitarian sign."

Ultimately, 2021 will be a beautiful time for Aquarians to do whatever they want, to channel their energy and to really go for the things they’re passionate about. To help these innovators maximize that energy, they might want to buy astrology guides like The Birthdate Book ($90), Use Your Planets Wisely ($20),  Astrology for Real Relationships ($18), or Miller's own 2021 The Year Ahead Astrological Wall Calendar ($27), because knowing your cosmic self will only amplify the rewards.

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But, one major caveat may be in the way of their good-news-filled emerald year, though: There might be a short waiting period before those blessings arrive.

In the first part of the year, Saturn and Jupiter are buddy-buddy (see: the Great Conjunction). Saturn is kind of, well, the opposite of Jupiter: He’s a taskmaster planet who likes to make things difficult in order for us to grow, so that planetary influence is going to be dominant in the winter, neutralizing Jupiter’s impact. As a result, Aquarians might not feel their emerald year energy to a strong degree in January and February.

So if you’re not feeling a cosmic glow-up at first, sit tight! Miller says by mid-March, Jupiter will be far enough away from Saturn’s clutches to feel that good emerald-year energy...and the world will be yours for the taking.

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