Aquarius Moon Sign Traits: What to Know About Their Rebellious Energy

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Aquarius zodiac signs (born between January 19 and February 18) are impossible to put in a box. If you tried, though, you’d notice these visionary souls are equal parts independent and eccentric. But what does it mean to have an Aquarius moon, aka the zodiac sign the moon was stationed in when you were born? When you understand the traits of an Aquarius moon, you’ll be better off knowing how you process and manage your inner world.

As a sun sign, Aquarius zodiac signs are natural rebels and think tanks destined to fill everyone’s cup. "Aquarius is an air sign that rules the intellect," says astrologer and women's empowerment coach Natalia Benson. They’re all about innovation, individuality, and humanitarianism.

“Aquarians have a little more of a disconnected relationship to their emotions because they seek to intellectually understand them versus really feel them,”—Natalia Benson

When it comes to having an Aquarius moon, they’re not the most proactive in the emotional process. “Aquarians have a little more of a disconnected relationship to their emotions because they seek to intellectually understand them versus really feel them." If you wonder why it’s harder to communicate your emotional needs, it might be a full moon in Aquarius.

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Whether you have an Aquarius moon or want to understand one on an emotional level, knowing an Aquarius’ moon sign traits—and understanding moon signs in general—is essential in understanding the water bearer, who often doesn't put their feelings on display.

How do I find out what my moon sign is?

Given that the moon changes signs about every two and a half days, there are 12 different combinations of sun signs and moon signs that an Aquarius could potentially have. To learn your favorite Aquarius' moon sign, simply enter their date, time, and place of birth into an online astrology chart generator. Then, scroll down to find out how that moon sign impacts their Aquarius traits.

How your moon sign differs from your sun sign

While your sun sign discerns how you shine in the world, explains astrologer Narayana Montúfar, think of your moon sign as the opposite. “Your moon sign reveals the hidden part of your personality, who you are at your core, and how you behave behind closed doors,” explains Montúfar.

Specifically, your moon sign discerns your hidden desires, emotional connection, and how you express them. Knowing the traits of the zodiac sign in which the moon was at the moment of your birth can help you place how you respond to these themes. These traits also help determine Aquarius' most and least compatible signs.

How does my sun and moon sign work together? 

Just as the sun and moon contribute to life on Earth, the luminaries are key players in our natal chart, too. Spiritually, the moon and sun’s energy correspond to yin and yang, respectively. The sun denotes how we show ourselves in the world, whereas the moon explains the needs and feelings we suppress. This explains why your zaniest (yet genius) ideas percolate during Aquarius season when the sun is traveling through the air sign or why a new moon in Aquarius could prompt you to manifest your big-picture wishes and goals.

“Your natal Moon phase is like a cosmic imprint that will depict the energies that will be present in your life.”—Narayana Montúfar

Astronomically, the image we have of the moon is really the reflected light from the sun. “With this in mind, our moon sign will reflect the light of our sun sign, which astrologers call the natal moon phase,” Montúfar says. “Your natal Moon phase is like a cosmic imprint that will depict the energies that will be present in your life, so it is crucial to get acquainted with it at the deepest of levels.”

Our sun and moon signs harmonize together in our birth chart, and knowing the qualities of your moon sign can help put your emotional needs in perspective. Below, learn about what kind of Aquarius you are based on your moon sign.

Characteristics of an Aquarius moon sign

Let’s face it, people with an Aquarius moon have a reputation for being unemotional. That’s due to the fact Aquarius tends to veer off the emotional course in terms of actually feeling their emotions. They’re the type to avoid talking about their feelings or giving in to impassioned impulses. Despite that, an Aquarius moon in love tends to be incredibly protective of the welfare and needs of those they claim as theirs.

While some moon signs are more dramatic (ahem, Leo moons), people with Aquarius moons are more covert about showing emotions before they’ve had the chance to psychoanalyze them first. "It's not often watery and emotive, or even fiery and passionate—it's more cool, calm, and collected,” explains Benson. That’s not to say they don’t care—on the contrary, they care deeply about their loved ones, they’re simply systematic in their emotional approach, investigating the who, what, and why of their feelings.

It’s not easy to get an Aquarius moon to open up emotionally, so when they do, it’s a sign they have a deep sense of trust within that relationship. Being the sign associated with camaraderie and community, Aquarius moons are likely to seek emotional security from their tight-knit group of friends, and coolly dodge the topic with everyone else.

Aquarius moons in relationships

Aquarius moon compatibility

Since emotions aren’t exactly Aquarius’ forte, it’ll take patience on their partner’s end to cultivate trust. “Aquarius moon people often feel misunderstood. Because the Moon reflects our emotions and Aquarius energy is focused on the future, it can be difficult for them to relate in the present moment,” Erin River Sunday, astrologer and co-host of the Kiss My Astral podcast.

Begging an Aquarius moon to communicate their emotions isn’t going to work, not to mention they probably won’t pry if you aren’t ready to talk about yours. “Aquarius moons need a lot of space in intimate relationships and also feel safest when there’s some level of predictability within their commitments,” Sunday says. Aquarius moons are more receptive to gentle emotional check-ins when it comes to love and romance—once they have a moment to process them in a way that makes sense.

Bottom line, Aquarius moons “need reliability in a partnership to feel secure, as well as logical communication and a healthy amount of space,” says Sunday. Below, Sunday explains the best and worst compatibility matches for an Aquarius moon.

Best matches for Aquarius moons

Aquarius moons can feel isolated in their emotions, so when two are together, they can provide support in relating to the other. “Two Aquarius Moons together make a nice match because they will not only understand but respect the other’s need for space and autonomy,” says Sunday, plus, they’ll be able to “appreciate the oddities in each other and enjoy being misfits together.”

Even though comparing moon signs is effective in discerning compatibility, Sunday says one of the best romantic matches in astrology is when someone’s moon sign is the same as the other sun sign. “Their emotions are reflected in how the Aquarius sun shows up in the world, and it’s especially validating for both people,” explains Sunday.

A Libra moon will be able to support and even relate to an Aquarius moon’s logical way of processing their emotions. “While the Aquarius moon is a lot more practical than the Libra moon, the Aquarius moon person will appreciate that the Libra moon is busy with lots of friends and less needy than other signs,” Sunday explains. “They both want a loyal commitment, but need space within it for friendships and other interests.”

Worst matches for Aquarius moons

Water sign Pisces is deeply open emotionally, while Aquarius tends to be avoidant. As a result, a Pisces moon would not be a realistic match for Aquarius moon people in the long run.

“These are radically different lunar energies and likely have problems connecting on a romantic level,” explains Sunday. On one hand, she says those with an Aquarius moon need their space, “while the Pisces moon is driven by their feelings and wants to be enmeshed with their partner.” This unstable pairing would have different needs and ideas of security.

Aries moon may feel inspired by an Aquarius moon’s independence, the passionate fire moon sign may be too impulsive for the Aquarius. “The Aquarius moon runs cold and nothing is hotter than an Aries moon. The Aquarius will find the Aries to be too impulsive and rash and the Aries will be frustrated with Aquarius’ predictable choices,” says Sunday. This match is prone to lover spats due to needed different types of emotional support.

An Aquarius moon is an out-of-the-box type of feeler, and a Taurus moon could find the air moon’s unorthodox intimidating as they’re the type who prefers their comfort zone. “While these two will appreciate each other’s ability to commit long-term, they’re both very stubborn,” says Sunday, and should they fail to meet in the middle, she adds, it could quickly turn into a battle of wills to compromise.

Aquarius moons at work

Independent and forward-thinking Aquarius is a natural leader when they have an objective that they’re passionate about. Aquarius is naturally drawn to making progress in their communities, so Aquarius moons are especially receptive to work relating to issues that affect the public at large. Careers that are geared towards a big picture, such as in public policy and non-profit work, fare well for Aquarius moons.

Best matches for Aquarius moons

Aquarius moons are unconventional and innovative, so they’d thrive in a career where they can experiment and discover ways to progress for the greater good. “Science is a field that’s both about maintaining structure and pushing forward toward an unknown future, says Sunday. “Aquarius moons enjoy logical thinking and preparing for the future.” They’re the zodiac’s mad scientist for a reason.

In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility and maturity, which makes Aquarius moons perfect for a career as an educator. “They enjoy the predictability of a day job, but also the flexibility of creating their own lesson plans and sharing important information,” says Sunday. Plus, they’ll feel fulfilled when they can be part of a systemic change through passing down knowledge.

A career as an executive director of a non-profit is a great match for Aquarius moons. As the humanitarian type, Aquarius moons are interested in social progress and take full control in group settings, Says Sunday. “These qualities make them a great fit for progressive communities with humanitarian efforts as their central tenant.” Aquarius moons will feel productive and aligned with their heart’s desire for meaningful change.

Worst matches for Aquarius moons

Despite Aquarius moons liking a solid ritual, working in finance might be too monotonous for an Aquarius moon, who has qualms about tradition or environments that are too buttoned up Aquarius moons are way too progressive to spend their time thinking about capitalism in a traditional sense,” says Sunday, plus, “They also don’t appreciate being chained to a desk!”

Influential and with offbeat ideas Aquarius moons, have a lot to offer at work, and to steer the ship—so a career as a secretary might not fare well for the dedicated air sign. “They don’t want to work for someone else! They’re leaders at heart and will become frustrated answering to someone else long-term,” says Sunday.

Aquarius moons crave breaking tradition and making meaningful changes in their communities. For that reason, Sunday says a career as a historian could weigh heavy on an Aquarius moon, a sign focused on progressing society forward. “They likely know a lot about history, but wouldn’t be interested in focusing on it day to day—they want to look into the future and not feel held back,” explains Sunday.

Aquarius moons at home

Aquarius is a champion of the underdogs, so to speak, so expect the humanitarian to fight and defend you when they feel an injustice has been committed. “While they need a decent amount of alone time, they do represent the collective, says Sunday. Plus, their fixed sign modality, Sunday explains, is why at home, Aquarius requires a level of routine.

Due to their rebellious nature, Aquarius moons tend to challenge family traditions. This moon sign is likely to be devoted to breaking generational cycles as a result. “They’re likely to live in progressive settings, possibly with multiple generations under one roof or other future-oriented ways of cohabitation with others,” says Sunday. When it comes to keeping their sanctuary comfortable, “Their homes are likely to be full of inspiration for the future and lots of books to feed their ravenous minds,” Sunday explains.

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