Aquarius Season Starts This Week—And Every Sign Can Expect a Cosmic Breakthrough

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A breakthrough is coming this week, as the cosmos are emanating the energy needed to move through and navigate the challenging areas of your life. During the week, the planets are aligning in what is called a stellium (three or more planets within a sign) in the Saturnian signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. Given that Saturn represents structure, discipline, lessons, and reality, the energy of these signs work to challenge the structures you have outgrown, and ask you to surrender, release and break through them.

On Sunday, January 17th, the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, is in Aquarius, forming a square with progressive Uranus in Taurus, which just moved direct last week. You may feel a push from the cosmos to suddenly make a move in order to progress your life in a positive way. Although a square is a challenging aspect, since Jupiter is in the mix, this shift will ultimately work in your favor. Listen to your intuition and emotions as your internal compass moves you forward.

Following this significant aspect, the planet of communication, Mercury, in Aquarius forms a positive connection with the karmic north and south node in the signs of Gemini and Aquarius on January 19th. The transiting north and south nodes are sensitive points in astrology that can dictate the direction and focus of the collective. This particular alignment provides the motivation to release limiting beliefs that have held you back in order to speak and honor your truth, as doing so can liberate and set you free. Although uncomfortable, you can use this time to mentally identify what is healthy for your future and what is not.

The action you take this week is to better align you with what you value and what you are truly worth.

Aquarius season 2021 begins on January 19th, when the sun moves into the sign representing the collective, humanitarianism, the future, and innovation. This initiations the transformational Jupiter and Saturn energy that has been rumbling beneath the surface since the great conjunction on December 21st of last year. Aquarius energy is the side of Saturn (Capricorn ruling the old structure) that does not adhere to the status quo, and this can push you to make new decisions that you have not considered before.

The next day, on January 20th, Mars forms an activating connection that shakes up Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Mars rules your drive, ambition, and action; and Taurus represents self-worth, values, and material possessions, as all three facets of life are deeply intertwined. If we feel we are worthy, the ability to manifest this out into the material world increases. Mars is in what is called its detriment in the sign of Taurus, meaning that there can be instinctual discomfort that ultimately can bring you to take sudden action through the shocking power of Uranus. The action you take this week is to better align you with what you value and what you are truly worth.

Closing out the week on January 23, another important aspect occurs as the Aquarius sun connects with Saturn, bringing forth lessons in how we can begin to invent and develop a new reality for yourself. Your dreams and wishes for your future are shifting during such a pivotal season, and you are now being prompted by the universe to create a pathway towards this brighter future for yourself.

Adama Sesay

Adama Sesay is an NYC-Based astrologer and founder of, which is dedicated to empowering people who identify as women. In addition to writing and creating astrological video content, Adama teaches webinars and offers private readings. 

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