Aquarius Season Infuses the Year With Fresh Momentum—Here’s How Your Sign Can Maximize That Energy

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Ever the cerebral change agent of the zodiac, Aquarius has an eclectic energy: On the one hand, it’s traditionally ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibilities and commitments; and on the other hand, its modern-day ruler is Uranus, the planet of innovation and rebellion. Put ‘em together, and you have the water-bearer’s determined, wave-making vibe. As the sun enters Aquarius on January 20, heralding the start of Aquarius season, every zodiac sign can expect to feel that progress-oriented energy, making it an aligned time for setting intentions and goals.

At its best, Aquarian energy is aspirational, curious, and visionary (these traits can also inform which signs are most and least compatible with Aquarius). But when it’s operating at a lower octave, it can show up as critical or rigid, says astrologer Jennifer Racioppi. “Throughout Aquarius season, it’s important to stay mindful of your inner critic, watch for where you’re being too stubborn, and prioritize having an open mind,” she says.

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This particular Aquarius season is extra Aquarian because it’s the final one we’ll spend with Saturn, Aquarius’s traditional ruler, transiting in Aquarius. For reference, the planet (which rules over hard work, limitations, and boundaries) entered the sign of the water-bearer in March 2020 (yes, that March 2020) and since then, “we’ve all been working with Saturn to clarify, strengthen, and take responsibility for the areas of our chart that Aquarius governs,” says astrologer Vanessa Hardy. Now, it’s time to “review what we’ve learned and unearth our vision for where we most want to head next,” says Racioppi.

The forward-looking energy could feel particularly potent on January 21, which brings the new moon in Aquarius, “opening doorways to auspicious new beginnings,” says Racioppi. At the same time, Mercury, the planet of communication, will form a supportive trine with the north node of fate and destiny, which could help us all to put our dreams for the future into words, she adds: “No matter your sun sign, take time on this day to settle into your hopes and wishes, and set intentions you want to co-create with the universe.”

“Intentions set at this time are serious in nature and have the potential to help us make long-lasting change.” —Vanessa Hardy, astrologer

Indeed, Hardy suggests that intentions set now could have real staying power: “This will be the last new moon we will have in Aquarius while Saturn is present until 2050, so intentions set at this time are serious in nature and have the potential to help us make long-lasting change.”

Because the sun in Aquarius resides in a different astrological house for every zodiac sign, the future-oriented vibe of Aquarius season will show up differently for each sign, too. Read on to learn your sign’s forecast, and how you can make the most of it.

How Aquarius season will manifest for every zodiac sign, according to astrologers


Things are on the up-and-up for you, Aries. The sun in Aquarius highlights your 11th house of community engagement and friendships, which could inspire a fruitful social outing. “Getting out into the social sphere may draw an important person to you who can take one of your great ideas and turn it into something bigger than you could’ve imagined,” says Hardy.

Keep your eyes peeled for potential opportunities in your midst, as beneficent Jupiter is also in your sign, putting luck on your side, says Racioppi. Just remember: You can’t say yes to everything. “Knowing what you want and taking steps in that direction will be crucial,” she says.


Your reputation and legacy get the cosmic spotlight this month, Taurus, as Aquarius season lights up your 10th house of career. “You stand to make great gains when it comes to pursuing your ambitions,” says Racioppi. Perhaps you feel inspired to take a risk, experiment with something new, or expand your network in some way in order to grow your impact this month. Just be sure to honor your boundaries and tend to your inner needs, she adds. Doing so will help you realize that “you have the prowess needed to overcome any obstacles,” she says.


As a fellow air sign, you can really vibe with the heady energy of Aquarius season. The sun activates your ninth house of exploration and travel, leaving you with the itch to learn something new, says Hardy. With Mars also back in direct motion (after a months-long retrograde in your sign), you’ll also feel energized to act on expanding your horizons.

“Even if actual travel isn’t in the cards for you right now, reading about a faraway place, or even watching shows about travel could spark your ingenuity,” says Racioppi. You might also feel a literal urge to move, she adds. “You are poised to pounce, so engage in exercise as needed,” she says.


You’re more of a "feelings over thinking" type, Cancer. And the energy of Aquarius season—paired with the overall stay-home-and-hibernate vibe of winter—has you really all up in your feels. That's because the sun in Aquarius resides in your eighth house of “intimacy and the existential nature of existence,” says Hardy.

To make it through this activating time, firm up your boundaries, tend to any outstanding bills and debts, and focus your remaining energy on whatever feels most purposeful, she says. Overall, it’s important to know that decision-making could feel tough, says Racioppi: “Stay self-compassionate and prioritize taking a gentle approach.”


Connecting with others is on your cosmic radar, Leo. As Aquarius is your celestial opposite on the zodiac wheel, it activates your seventh house of one-on-one relationships and bonding, directing the thrust of your energy outward toward the ones you love. If you’re single, this is a great time to put yourself out there, however you best like to do so. And if you’re partnered, it’s well-aligned for a “mentally stimulating date night,” says Hardy, who suggests seeing comedy or creating something together.

Just note the full moon in your sign on February 5, which forms a tough aspect with Uranus, says Racioppi. This could rev up some drama in relationships, at which point, she suggests taking a step back: “You don’t need to be everything to everyone.”


Whether or not you’re into New Year’s resolutions, you can get down with a good goal, as the most detail-oriented, methodical sign of the zodiac. And the fresh momentum of Aquarius season is pushing you to set new ones and innovate your routine around your health and wellness—all areas of life ruled by the sixth house, where the sun resides in your chart this season.

Racioppi suggests first considering what changes you might make to how you’re tending to your body’s needs in order to feel your best on a day-to-day basis. “Implementing them now will help you to take advantage of the sun’s position this month,” she says.


It’s time to loosen up a bit, Libra. Aquarius-season energy presides over your fifth house of creativity, inner-child work, and romantic play, making this a great time for embracing a different side to all of the above, says Hardy. Perhaps you schedule a playful date that, in some way, helps you tap back to your youth, or embrace a new healing modality, like hypnotherapy or meditation, to reconnect with your authentic self, she suggests.

With your ruling planet, aesthetic Venus, moving through mystical Pisces, you’re also reminded of your inner creativity and beauty, says Racioppi. “You have the ability to add an artful twist to even the most mundane moments,” she says. And this month is the ideal time to embrace that power.


In classic Scorpio fashion, you could find yourself wading into some deep waters this Aquarius season. The sun in Aquarius highlights your fourth house of the home and ancestral roots, which may push you toward optimizing both your physical and emotional “homes”—that is, by clearing actual clutter and old tech from your space and clearing the air of family drama, says Hardy. “You may be required to be a meditator among family members, or you might embrace your position outside the family drama by connecting with your chosen family instead,” she says.

In any case, the decisions you make now regarding your personal life and the people you call home could have far-reaching implications, says Racioppi, given that your planetary ruler Mars is also moving through your intimate eighth house. “Take the time you need to hear and respond to your inner voice,” she says. “Journaling and meditation go a very long way right now.”


Air fuels a fire, and Aquarius season is about to stoke yours, Sagittarius. You may feel as if you’re usually pretty good at connecting with others, but as the sun enters your third house of communication this month, you could find yourself really hitting it off with people. Perhaps you get into some heady chats at your local coffee shop or bar, “where you’re just making all the right points or landing all the right punchlines,” says Hardy. Or maybe you feel a spark ignite with a current or potential romantic partner, says Racioppi. After all, Jupiter is also in your fifth house of romance, and actionable Mars is in your seventh house of partnerships, both lending support to your love life, she adds.


As you launch into a new year of life, you could find yourself taking some steps to firm up your financial foundations, Capricorn. The progressive Aquarian energy arrives in your second house of personal values and money, leading you to re-evaluate how you embody your own worth, says Racioppi.

That shift is supported by Pluto, too, she adds: “Over the last decade and a half, Pluto has also been transiting in your sign, transforming your life, and as it gets ready to leave in March, you’re being asked to integrate the lessons you’ve learned around self-esteem.” In other words? You’re about to step into your power, which has the potential to boost your earnings, too.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! Your season is the time of year when you feel most aligned—and this year will be no different. In fact, if anything, that feeling of being comfortable and alive in your own skin will be all the more potent, as taskmaster Saturn wraps up its two-plus-year stint in your sign. “You’ve been under a good deal of pressure from Saturn to get your act together and level up,” says Hardy. “And now, it’s showtime.”

You’re feeling refreshed, refined, and ready for what’s next. Speaking of which, this is also the time of year to reconnect with your hopes, dreams, and wishes, says Racioppi: “You get the chance to fully visualize what’s next.”


You’re known for your intuitive strengths, Pisces, but during Aquarius season, you could find that your inner voice is particularly loud. The sun in Aquarius touches your 12th house of the inner psyche, dreams, and secrets, leading you to feel emotionally charged from within.

Rest and recuperation are the name of the game, says Racioppi. “Indulge your need for sleep, and keep a journal next to your bed to record any dreams upon awakening,” she says. After all, your psyche might speak to you in mysterious ways this season. According to Hardy, the more you rest, the more you make room for “revelatory strokes of genius about your next steps.” Any sparks of inspiration that show up now would be great to harness when your time to shine comes next.

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