The Secret Skin-Care Ingredient Nordic Women Swear by for Mega Hydration and Glow

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Malin Akerman. Tove Lo. Elsa Hosk. Besides being super famous wellness women, these northern European ladies have one thing in common: their enviably dewy skin.

Now that the seasons are changing, it's time to start thinking about a more intense moisturizer and prepping your skin for drier days ahead. So we're dying to know—what’s their secret?

Actually, it all starts with their home countries (and we're not just talking genetics). The pristine environment in the Nordics (think: way less pollution and lots of undeveloped land) makes for an ideal climate to source natural skin-care ingredients.

The most basic component—but arguably the most interesting—is arctic spring water. The ultra pure water that flows from the Arctic is known for its unique functional composition that's buzzed about for helping to recharge dull-looking skin.

The ultra pure water that flows from the Arctic is known for its unique functional composition that's buzzed about for helping to recharge dull-looking skin.

To take advantage of this buzzy link, Nordic skin-care brand Lumene tapped the reputed connection between arctic spring water and properly hydrated skin (your epidermis is up to 80 percent water, after all) and made arctic spring water the key ingredient in all Lumene product ranges.

Arctic spring water stars in the glow-boosting Valo or "light" range, which incorporates the vitamin C-packed arctic cloudberry if you're after glowy-skin vibes. And if moisture is your thing, go for the Lähde range, which legit translates to "source of hydration." Selfie-ready suppleness coming right up.

Keep reading for all the reasons you should add arctic spring water to your skin-care regimen, stat.

Lumene Valo Lahde line
Photo: Lumene

1. If you suffer from dry-skin #problems

It's no wonder hydration was high on the list of skin-care priorities for a company founded in one of the coldest countries on earth (the temperature in Finland during the winter can sink to -60°F). Exposure to cold, dry air is, after all, the quickest route to flakey, lifeless-looking skin. Adding moisture back in helps fortify your skin, which in turn works to support your luminous complexion goals.

Lumene Lahde skin care
Photo: Lumene

2. Neutral pH is your skin's BFF

The arctic spring water in Lumene serums and moisturizers is especially proficient at delivering those moisture-boosting properties, thanks to its skin-friendly pH level (which coupled with its low minerality make it super gentle on skin).

And because of its neutral pH, arctic spring water makes an excellent delivery system for other powerful ingredients (like sustainably harvested birch sap, which contains natural humectants to prevent moisture loss and hydrating amino acids). So you can get that I-woke-up-like-this look—even when dry-skin season hits.

Lumene Lahde skin care
Photo: Unsplash/Ant Rozetsky

3. Because it's super pure and sustainably sourced

Lumene sources its arctic spring water from the Finnish Lapland springs, which is a smart choice considering that Finland ranked number one in the 2016 Environmental Performance Index, a joint study run by Yale and Columbia universities that monitors air and water pollution. (So yeah, it's the good stuff.)

As an additional nod to its commitment to sustainability, in 2010 Lumene founded WaterSmart, a program to reduce its water footprint. Since its launch, WaterSmart has contributed to a 30 percent decrease in the wasteful use of water. Three cheers for being environmentally friendly!

In partnership with Lumene

Top Photo: Lumene

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