5 Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil That Make It a Healthy Hair Must-Have

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Having oily hair isn't exactly the goal (just ask the thousands of bottles of shampoos bought up this very minute), but many women are utilizing oil as a haircare tool to bring on the shine, soften ends, and keep scalp health optimal. Although it's especially great for curly hair, it's really suitable for all hair types, and TBH that's why we're here.

The oil, which is made from nuts native to Morroco, is full of vitamins A, C, and E and is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids like omega-6, too.  "One hundred percent pure argan oil works beyond the surface by hydrating and nourishing deep down for healthier hair from the inside out," says Josie Maran, who's built an entire beauty line around the liquid gold. "Feeding each strand with essential nutrients keeps hair looking shinier, stronger, and all around better-looking." While argan oil is incorporated into many products these days, Maran says you'll still get the best results if you reach for the pure stuff, plain and simple.

That doesn't mean, however, that you shouldn't still do your research. "While all argan oils may look the same, they can be very different because many on the market aren’t pure or they're mixed with other ingredients, which dilute the natural goodness and effectiveness of the pure ingredient." Beyond this, she says that the way in which the argan oil is treated is also imperative to its efficacy—cold pressing the oil will help retain all of its nutrients while heated production burns out many of the key hair-boosting properties. And with that, we're on to the benefits and how to incorporate it into your every day routine.

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How to use argan oil in your hair-care routine

1. It soothes dry scalps: There are a ton of reasons you might be prone to scalp dryness—sulfate-filled conditioners, seasonal changes, hard water, or any number of things. Regardless of what's causing the issue, argan oil could be the answer. Because of its super-hydrating nature, pure argan oil, or a product infused with the oil, can help settle and rid you of your dry scalp issues Maran says. Make it into a mask, applying all-over the scalp, then let is sit for an hour before shampooing it away.

2. It repairs damaged hair and split ends: The combination of powerhouse nutrients fortifies, strengthens, and repairs your hair. The fatty acids can help to soften ends which could be brittle or prone to splitting, while the vitamin trifecta of A, C, E will create stronger strands. Again, the mask is key here. When applying it to the scalp, you might not want to leave it on over night because you don't want to clog follicles; however it's totally fine to leave it on lengths overnight or simply for a few hours. Coat your hair with a generous amount and then wrap your hair in a scarf or microfiber towel and let it sit. Follow again by washing your hair out with shampoo for shinier, healthier hair.

3. Its vitamin E offers heat damage: One of the easiest and most common ways you can damage your hair is with heat products. Alas, they are often a necessary evil (who wants to leave the house with wet hair in the cold weather?) but argan oil can help you salvage your strands from the damaging effects, thanks to its fatty acids and vitamins. Before you use a curler or blow dryer, warm up three drops of argan oil in your hands before working it through your hair. The argan oil will simultaneously protect and nourish your hair.

4. It's essential for healthy curls: As someone who has been blessed with curls, I can attest to the two main hair issue plaguing my life being frizz and definition. According to cosmetic chemist Ginger King, these are both things that argan oil can fix by coating the strands in a thin layer of moisturizing oil, which brings definition to curls by preventing individual strands from going rogue. The result? Strands come together to make well-pronounced curls.

5. Argan oil helps to detangle and style hair: Shampoos, even when sulfate free, can strip away moisture and leave your hair drier than ahead of washing it. As one of the final steps in your shower hair-care routine, argan oil can boost your average-joe conditioner by counteracting the drying effects of shampooing while enriching your strands. With the water on, cocktail a teaspoon of argan oil into your usual lather and do your thing. The result? Not a knots or tangle in sight.

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