This Essential Oil Keeps Ariana Grande’s Locks Long and Shiny

Photo: Instagram/@arianagrande
In case you somehow haven't noticed, Ariana Grande has some seriously long locks: Her go-to ponytail slinks down past her waist. Yeah, yeah—some of that length is thanks to extensions, but the star still has a secret up her sleeve that keeps her strands lenthy and shiny: essential oil.

That's right, Grande doesn't use lavender essential oil just to relax—it also keeps her hair strong: "I love putting lavender on my head," she recently told Allure. And, when used in moderation, the stuff could naturally help soothe the scalp and encourage your hair to grow. (Well, the method worked on mice in a 2016 study, anyway.)

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But that's not the singer's only simple-ingredient hair hack: On her days off, Grande said she helps stimulate the growth—and shine!—of her Rapunzel-like locks with the help of something that's probably already in your kitchen cabinet: coconut oil, which she says "goes with everything."

Sure, growing out a veritable horse mane may take a while, but if you steal this musician's secrets (and maybe consider your diet choices and supplement regimen), you could be saying "long hair, don't care" in no time.

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