Here’s What Kind of Strong-Willed Aries You Are, According to Your Moon Sign

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Headstrong, direct, and independent, Aries are natural-born leaders—theirs is the sign that propels us into a new astrological year, after all. (The cosmos are on a slightly different schedule than our Western calendar, in case you were wondering.) While the sign of the ram has no problem telling it to you straight, Aries aren't exactly known for being the most in tune with their own emotions. But if you have a few people in your crew born between March 21 and April 19, you'll know some are more sensitive than others. That's because an Aries' moon sign has a major impact on how they experience and express their feelings.

A person's moon sign is—as you can probably guess—the sign the moon was in when they were born. Just as one's sun sign gives insight into their Aries characteristics, their moon sign sheds light on the emotional character that they don't always share with the world. According to astrologer and women's empowerment coach Natalia Benson,  author of Mystical AF, it's not always easy for Aries to tap into their moon sign's energy. "Aries is ruled by Mars, which is a warrior-type energy," she explains. "The moon is the polar opposite of that—it's more subtle, intuitive, and gentle. Aries can be quite sensitive, but that tender energy isn't always readily available. It depends on the placement of the moon and other planets in that person's chart."

"Aries can be quite sensitive, but that tender energy isn't always readily available. It depends on the placement of the moon and other planets in that person's chart." —astrologer Natalia Benson

The moon changes signs every two to three days, and there are a dozen different Aries moon signs that any ram could potentially have. To learn yours—or the moon sign of an Aries in your life—enter your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator (like this one). Then, read on to find out how that Aries moon sign may impact a person's traits.

Here's what each Aries moon sign reveals about their innermost self.

Aries with an Aries moon

A double Aries is one of the most fiery fire signs of the zodiac. With this person, what you see probably is what you get. "This is going to be someone with a very intense emotional temperament," says Benson. The challenge for this Aries is to think about how their emotional expression might affect others before unleashing it, she adds. "They should be mindful to not just bulldoze through with how they're feeling or what they want."

Aries with a Taurus moon

A Taurus moon lends a more grounded vibe to the typically impulsive Aries personality. "In their intimate relationships, this may be someone who is very patient with people they love and care about," says Benson. "Their emotional personality is much more slow and tactful than their ego consciousness." She urges this Aries to accept that they have two distinct sides to their personality and to lean into each one when it feels right.

Aries with a Gemini moon

This isn't likely to be an Aries of few words, as Gemini is one of the chattiest signs of the zodiac. "It'd be someone who may have a very outwardly expressive, social way of sharing themselves," says Benson. At the same time, Gemini is an air sign, which cools down some of Aries' fire and gives this person a communication style that comes more from the head than the heart.

Aries with a Cancer moon

Aries is a sign that can be deeply sensitive, and this aspect of their personality is amplified when a Cancer moon is in the mix.  "This can be someone who is very emotionally intuitive and does a lot for others," says Benson. "But if an emotion is too strong or they can't act on it, that can breed a lot of frustration." Rather than see this as a liability, Benson encourages this Aries to celebrate their incredible depth of feeling as a gift.

Aries with a Leo moon

"This is quite the powerful combination," says Benson. "Leo is a proud placement for the moon. This person owns who they are, what they feel, and what they like." That said, Leo and Aries are both fire signs, the combination of which can result in a hot temper. "Grounding is really important for them—they should get a lot of physical exercise to get fiery emotions out of their system," says Benson.

Aries with a Virgo moon

Virgo moons tend to be service-oriented and emotionally coolheaded—sometimes even to the point where they may be a bit nit-picky when they think they're being helpful, Benson says. "This Aries likely wants to help others, but when it comes to themselves and close relationships they need to be careful not to be hypercritical of themselves or other people," she says.

Aries with a Libra moon

Libra and Aries are opposite from each other on the zodiac wheel, creating a powerful sense of balance when the sun's in one and the moon's in the other. "A Libra moon can be someone who's very thoughtful toward their relationships, which is not always Aries' go-to," says Benson. "This may be an Aries that really wants to be with other people—there's not as much of that desire to go it alone and be super independent."

Aries with a Scorpio moon

Both Aries and Scorpio are known to be highly sexual signs, so this person might be more inclined than others to express their emotions in the bedroom. Beyond that, this is likely to be an intense personality in general. "Any time we have a Scorpio moon, it tends toward a very powerful, deep instinct," says Benson. "This an Aries that may lean on their intuition but still have that intense drive to move forward and innovate."

Aries with a Sagittarius moon

Benson is an Aries with a Sagittarius moon, so she's very familiar with how this energy plays out. "Sagittarius' symbol is half-man, half-horse, so there's a dichotomy there," she says. "You can either get someone who's deeply philosophical or one who's very lighthearted and doesn't go deep into the feeling of things." Either way, this person is likely to be emotionally invested in learning, travel, and getting to know other cultures.

Aries with a Capricorn moon

Aries doesn't have a reputation as the most consistent sign of the zodiac, but an earthy Capricorn moon gives this personality a dose of much-needed steadiness. This person just needs to be mindful of workaholic tendencies, says Benson. "They need to be gentle with themselves, with all that Aries intensity partnered with Capricorn's deep desire to succeed," she adds. "It's important to find ways to have fun and lighten their emotions a little bit."

Aries with an Aquarius moon

What do you get when you combine Aries' passion with Aquarius' humanitarian streak? Someone who directs their fire toward solving the big issues—yet who also needs to remember that we can't accomplish big things alone. "Sometimes this combination can be fiercely independent," says Benson. "They may need to work on letting people in and opening their heart when they feel lonely."

Aries with a Pisces moon

"This is a soulful moon placement," says Benson. "Any sign with a Pisces moon may want to understand themselves and the world in a more spiritual way, and Aries is no different." This Aries may be more empathic and vulnerable than the sign is often given credit for, the astrologer adds. "When they utilize that in an empowering way, they can really help other people because they truly feel for them."


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