Aries Season Will Have You Charging Full-Speed Into Spring—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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You may be pleased to know that on the cosmic front, Aries season is like a breath of fresh air: While dreamy, mystical Pisces season just brought the zodiac calendar to a close, Aries season signals the start of a new astrological year. And with that, it's a time for all of us to harness the ram's determination and bravery to get after our goals and put ourselves out there. Read on for intel from astrologers about what to expect from Aries season in 2023, in general, as well as how every zodiac sign can anticipate feeling this cardinal fire sign's energy.

When is Aries season?

Aries season begins when the sun moves into Aries on March 20 and lasts until April 20, after which point the sun shifts into Taurus. This period of time brings major assertive, go-getter energy.

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Not only will the sun be transiting in the *first* sign of the zodiac, as of March 20, but also, the simultaneous arrival of the spring equinox means that we'll start to have increasingly more daylight hours as we (finally) leave winter behind. The following day, March 21, also brings the additional cosmic reset of a new moon in Aries, which astrologer Alexandria Lettman says will coincide with the luckiest day in 2023 for all of the zodiac signs.

Overall mood and energy of Aries season 2023

Ruled by Mars, which governs mental and physical drive, Aries is known for being “very pioneering, domineering, enterprising, and brave,” says astrologer Alex Caiola. “There’s not a lot of nuance, and what you see is what you get.” These traits can also inform which signs Aries is most and least compatible with.

Aries season brings precisely that energy. It's a time of action, confidence, and taking risks to get what you want, which is a refreshing way to begin the new astrological year. However, according to astrologer Celeste Brooks, some of the shadow sides of Aries could rear their heads this season, too—including impulsivity and self-centeredness. She recommends tempering your desire for action with caution by “not leaping before you look and not making snap decisions.” Also, aim to maintain balance in your relationships, and resist the temptation to over-prioritize yourself at the expense of others.

Key transits affecting every zodiac sign during Aries season 2023

Planetary movements

A few key planetary transits and aspects are lining up to make this an interesting Aries season for every zodiac sign. For starters, Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is currently transiting in Aries and will remain in the sign for the entirety of Aries season, magnifying its good vibes. On April 11, the sun and Jupiter meet up at the same degree of Aries, which could make this a particularly auspicious day all-around, says Brooks.

Thanks to the movements of Mercury, which deals with matters of communication and information, and Venus, the planet of love and beauty, the vibes are also looking great for relationships and love this Aries season. Like the sun, Mercury is also in intense Aries, where it'll remain until April 3, dialing up our ability to communicate in a forthright, direct way. And until April 11, Venus is in sensual Taurus, which is its "domicile," or one of the signs over which it rules and where it can express its loving energy most powerfully. This combination makes Aries season a "great time for really thinking about what you desire, and having the energy and enthusiasm to go for it," says Brooks.

Another noteworthy shift happens when Mars, which has been in Gemini since last August, enters Cancer on March 25. According to Caiola, the planet of action meeting with Cancer’s nurturing nature could emphasize the value of family and community care.

On a societal level, we could also experience the rumblings of bigger change to come this season, as Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23. This is one of the most impactful astrological transits of 2023—Pluto hasn't been in Aquarius since 1778—and has major implications for the collective, says Caiola. As a generational planet, Pluto symbolizes the rebirth and transformation of a generation; and Aquarius is associated with progress, innovation, and humanity. Taken together, these themes signal greater collaboration and technological innovation on a grand scale.

"This transit will be significant because we will see transformation in the areas of technology, global connectivity, and hopefully, humanitarianism," says Caiola. To be sure, this will all likely transpire over the course of Pluto's multi-year jaunt through Aquarius—but the seeds of that change could be planted this season.

Lunar transits

Much like the planetary transits above, the shifts of the moon affect every zodiac sign throughout Aries season in 2023. In particular, the aforementioned new moon in Aries, happening just as the season begins, on March 21, offers "as fresh a start as you can get," says Brooks. “It's a supercharged [lunation] that could push you to think about how you really want to grow your life,” she says. To that end, make sure to leave time for self-reflection and restorative activities on this day.

When the full moon arrives on April 5, in Libra, you'll have an opportunity for perspective-taking, says Brooks. This is a great time to reflect on how your go-getting actions have gone so far and to get clear on why you're pursuing the things you're pursuing. As on any full moon, things could feel wonky on this day; give yourself grace and allow yourself to change course if necessary.

If you don't, you might find that you're propelled into change, anyway, come the solar eclipse, which arrives in the evening of April 19, just before Aries season ends. This lunation could offer valuable insights into how you may be pushing yourself forward in life and where you might be holding yourself back, says Brooks.

Which signs are most affected by Aries season?

According to Brooks, all the cardinal signs will feel the energy of Aries season most potently. In addition to Aries, those signs include Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Kicking off each season of the year, these four signs boast self-starter energy—so, when the sun is in any of them (as it's about to be in Aries), they can all revel in the assertive, energetic vibes.

The zodiac’s other two fire signs (in addition to Aries)—Leo and Sagittarius—are also going to vibe with this season's energy, according to Caiola. “When the element of fire is highlighted, it means that other fire signs can shine, too,” she says. “If you're a fire sign, then the sun in another fire sign forms a harmonious aspect with your sign—so, at some point in the month, you are going to feel really good,” she says.

Still, that's not to say that the every other zodiac sign won't be affected by Aries season 2023. Indeed, all the signs will feel the energy of this season differently, given that the sun in Aries occupies a different astrological house for each. Below, find your sign's Aries-season horoscope, along with star-sanctioned advice for making the most of it.

Aries season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Happy (almost) birthday, Aries! It’s your season, and Caiola says you’re “definitely going to step into your role as the main character.” (Although, “I don't know if you ever really left,” she jokes.) The sun is in your first house, which has to do with identity and the self. That could mean big personal changes on the horizon, says Caiola. Tapping into your natural confidence will help you figure out how to roll with the punches and adapt.


Venus—your planetary ruler and overseer of all things beauty—is in your sign this month, Taurus, so you could feel positively radiant and magnetic, says Brooks. At the same time, however, the sun and new moon in Aries reside in your 12th house of dreams, secrets, and emotions, turning you toward your inner world. Set an intention to release any self-sabotaging thoughts, and keep a dream journal this season; you may find that great ideas surface in this realm.


Your 11th house of groups and friendships is highlighted by the sun in Aries this season, Gemini. The assertive Aries energy may inspire you to closely evaluate the network of people with whom you spend your time, perhaps pushing you to seek out new friends or jettison a few current ones. But according to Caiola, this certainly doesn't need to be a bad thing; friendships naturally ebb and flow. "Don't be afraid of losing some relationships in order to gain more inspiring nuance," she says.


The sun in fiery Aries occupies your 10th house of career, Cancer. So, you'd be wise to use the ram's intense energy to really think about what you want from your work and how to get it. This is a ripe time to meet with your supervisor and ask about your pathway to advancement. And regardless of what inquiries you might make, this could also be a time when you have more visibility at work or in the public sphere, so it's important to be aware of that, says Brooks.


You're feeling good in this fellow fire sign's season, Leo. That heat is coursing through your ninth house of travel, philosophy, and expansion, granting you a sense of wanderlust or just the itch to expand your horizons. Chances are, you already have travel planned during Aries season, or you might be inspired to plan a last-minute trip. If you do, says Caiola, this trip has the potential to "really shake you out of whatever you're personally going through." And if not, consider how you might get the same effect by accessing a change of scenery closer to home.


The Aries sun is moving through your eighth house of intimacy and control, Virgo. That could give Aries season a sexy underpinning for you, says Caiola. Take a note from Aries, and let the ram's boldness propel you out of your comfort zone in the bedroom (literally or figuratively). At the same time, however, you'd be smart to examine your relationships this season, and see where you're giving or taking, says Brooks. You're not the most comfortable with Aries energy, so it's possible that you embrace it too much (and become controlling) or reject it outright to the point of people-pleasing, she says.


Your relationships could get a boost of Aries's fiery energy this season, Libra. The sun highlights your seventh house of partnerships, pushing you to either refresh a romantic relationship, if you have a partner, or to consider the relationship you might like to have, if you're single. Use that Aries energy to "get out there, put yourself in a position to meet this person, and maybe even start smiling at strangers who catch your eye," says Brooks, of the latter scenario.


The active vibe of Aries season could hit you quite literally, Scorpio. The sun is moving through your sixth house of daily rituals, routines, health, and wellness, making this is a great time to move your body or try out a new ritual for your physical or mental health—particularly if you've felt stuck in a rut or stagnant as of late, says Caiola. For example, consider taking a new walking route around your neighborhood, experimenting with a new workout, or whipping up a new recipe.


It's time to harness your curiosity and love for uncovering new talents, Sagittarius. The Aries sun moves through your fifth house, super-charging your desire for creativity, pleasure, and play. This is an ideal time not to take yourself too seriously. Instead, see what happens when you embrace your natural sense of spontaneity, and put yourself out there, perhaps at an open mic night or by signing up for an improv class, says Brooks. Fun dates and activities could also be in the stars.


Personal growth is on your celestial forecast, Capricorn. With the sun in Aries occupying your fourth house of home and family, you might feel tense this season; in the moment, growth can certainly feel uncomfortable, but laying new foundations or planting new seeds now will be well worth it down the line, says Caiola. Make a point of spending time with family members and loved ones, so you can investigate what cracks in your familial foundation might need fixing.


Aries season offers a "really beautiful learning energy" for you, says Caiola, as the Aries sun moves through your third house of neighbors, community, and education. Open your mind to what you can learn from those around you in your local networks, and reciprocate by sharing your knowledge with friends and neighbors. If you have a creative endeavor you're hoping to pursue, like starting a podcast or writing a book, Caiola says it's a great time to lean into that, too.


Fresh off your own season, you could find yourself putting down new roots and getting organized, Pisces. And you can thank rule-maker Saturn, which just moved into your sign on March 7, for that urge. Coupled with the fact that the Aries sun traverses your second house of finances, that Piscean structure could you lead you toward new money-making opportunities, says Caiola. In turn, you may also wind up treating yourself to something of monetary value, says Brooks.

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