Keep Your Arms Guessing With This Never-Been-Easier Workout Playlist

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Arm day is exciting... said no one ever. If you're getting sick of your routine, there's no better time than now to switch things up. Because, believe it or not, arm day is anything but boring when you have the right tools on hand.

There's a lot of variety within this 55-minute playlist to keep things exciting. In one video, you'll utilize different dumbbell weights. In another, you'll grab a couple small kettlebells. There's also the opportunity to add a resistance band to the mix, use a towel to work your upper body, or dance your way to more powerful muscles with no equipment at all. Whether you start with one quickie workout or make your way through all five videos, you'll come out feeling stronger—not to mention all sorts of sore.

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Make your way through these arm workout videos

1. Upper-body workout with dumbbells

You can never go wrong with a dumbbell workout. This 6-minute session with Triana Brown of [solidcore] requires one set of lighter weights and one set of heavier weights in order to test your strength during moves like bicep curls and wide rear-delt presses.

2. Kettlebell arms workout

A kettlebell can do wonders at strengthening your arms. Just ask trainer Roxie Jones, who used them to work your delts, triceps, and biceps in this 7-minute sweat sesh. It also only involves four exercises, which you'll do 12 reps of each: assisted single-arm bent over rows, bent over tricep kickbacks, bicep curls + ISO holds, and the renegade row.

3. Resistance band arm workout

You don't even need weights for a challenging arm workout. Just grab a resistance band instead. During this workout with Bec Donlan of Sweat With Bec, you'll be doing 15 reps of 8 different exercises, three times through.

4. Dancer arms workout

If you want to dance your way to stronger arms, try this workout from Katia Pryce of DanceBody. While she uses some wrist weights, you don't need them in order to work up a sweat. Extra bonus: Because you're dancing the entire time, there's a good chance you'll be having so much fun that it won't feel like a workout at all.

5. Upper bowl towel workout

Along with working your arms, this 10-minute workout from Colette Dong of The Ness also strengthens your shoulders and back. And the only thing you need is a towel.

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