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New Mask Alert: This DIY Treatment Is for…Your Armpits

Tehrene Firman

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You painstakingly research the best skin care for your face and make sure the rest of your body stays soft and moisturized, too. One area that tends to be forgotten? Your armpits—and according to one health blogger, giving them a little extra TLC could actually be the key to banishing odor for good.

Lee Tilghman of Lee from America recently shared one of her go-to skin-care routines on Instagram: armpit masking. Yes, that is, in fact, a thing—and it offers plenty of important benefits.

giving my armpits some extra TLC tonight 💕 armpits are usually the last thing we think of when we think skincare, but they shouldn’t be! protecting this precious area (and doing things like switching to non toxic deodorant and dry brushing) can help soften skin, reduce odor, amount of sweat, AND clear up rashes that can sometimes come from natural deodorants/hair removal. for the mask, any bentonite clay mask will work (I used @odacite but you can also use the Healing Mask) give my armpits some loving. 1. simply mix 2 TBSP of any bentonite clay mask. mix with 3-4 tbsp FILTERED water (or more/less to get a thick, mask like consistency) mix in a ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon to avoid activating the mask before it goes onto the skin. 2. keep it on for no longer than 10 minutes. wash off in the shower or with a wet washcloth. 3. repeat daily or as needed until your underarm odor comes away! #leefromamerica #LFAcleanbeautyhacks

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So how does one go about masking their pits? All you need is a bentonite clay mask and a handful of minutes to spare. According to Tilghman, just mix 2 tablespoons of your mask with 3 to 4 tablespoons of filtered water—”more or less, to get a thick, mask-like consistency”—in a ceramic bowl with a wooden spoon, which avoids “activating the mask before it goes onto the skin.”

After a max of 10 minutes, wash it off in the shower or just use a wet washcloth. Tilghman says you can repeat the process daily if you love the feel, or you can simply use it as needed. With this detoxifying hack, you might be able to throw your underarm odor under the bus for good.

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