Could You Pass the Army’s New Fitness Test?

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If you know anything about the United States Army, you know those soldiers are strong (and seriously good sleepers, BTW). Anyone who wants to make it in has to be in pretty stellar shape—so much so that there's currently a physical readiness training program in place that ensures those who serve have the strength, stamina, and agility they need to survive combat. But the new test is on an entirely different level.

According to Army Times, the Army Combat Fitness Test could be implemented as soon as next October, and it's so tough there's already an official website to help soldiers prepare both physically and mentally. It was created to "better connect fitness with combat readiness," part of which involves enhancing soldiers' mental toughness. And judging off by the insanely hard list of events you have to do to pass, I have a feeling it does all that and then some. Keep scrolling to have a look at the test.

Army Combat Fitness Test:

  • Deadlifting up to 340 pounds, three different times
  • Throwing a 10-pound medicine ball backward and overhead for distance
  • Completing as many hand-release push-ups as possible in two minutes
  • Doing five, 50-meter shuttles while sprinting, dragging, and carrying 90-pound sleds and two 40-pound kettlebells
  • Doing as many leg tucks as you can in two minutes on a climbing bar
  • Running two miles for time with the most points scored in under 12 minutes and 45 seconds

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