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5 Essential Oils That Will Help You Survive the Holidays

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Whether you’re exhausted from the party circuit or overwhelmed by your never ending to-do list, the holidays are tough to get through without any scratches.

The holidays are a time for us to embrace traditions and remember our most precious memories with loved ones,” says Retha Nesmith, VP of customer experience at Plant Therapy, a family-run biz with a deep history in plant-based remedies. “Essential oils have the ability to bring back those memories through scent.”

It’s true, scent is the sense that can instantly take you back to a moment that feels like yesterday—and when it comes to essential oils, it can pack aromatherapeutic properties, too. To help steer you through the season, we asked Nesmith to share five signature essential oils that’ll help you conquer whatever the holidays throw at you.

Keep reading for 5 essential oils that are must-haves for the holiday season.

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Holiday Blend Set: for making your home smell like pure cheer

First step: Transform your space into the scent-equivalent of comfort food with Plant Therapy’s Holiday Blend Set. (Essential oil diffusers are the new candles, after all.)

Whether that is the scent of the magical Christmas tree, home baked holiday treats, or the crisp cold air, the holiday blends remind us of all the things we love about the holidays,” Nesmith says. Pro tip: Stash some away for when the holidays are over and you need cheery pick-me-up.

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Chamomile: for a super relaxing night’s sleep

If you need a little help decompressing after days of internet gift hunting and present-wrapping, Plant Therapy’s Chamomile will be your nighttime bestie. “Not only is Chamomile relaxing, but it also helps ease children and adults to sleep. It can also help ease tired muscles after a strenuous exercise or long day,” notes Nesmith.

For added luxe comfort, Nesmith suggests adding essential oils to your bath salts. “Sitting in a warm relaxing bath while being wrapped in a relaxing aroma is all I need at the end of a busy day!” she says. Same.

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Tension Relief Synergy Roll-On: for when yoga just isn’t cutting it

It’s no wonder your muscles are sore—you’ve been stringing lights, manhandling packages, and bending over backwards for almost everyone in the family. It’s time to take a break.

“Worry, stress, and anxiety often manifest as tension in the neck and head area. Plant Therapy’s Tension Relief Synergy Roll-On helps relieve this tension,” Nesmith explains of the formula, which counts peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils among its ingredients. 

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Melissa: for when you’re feeling anxious before a party

We'll start off with a spoiler: You're not the only nervous one. “With its soft, fresh, lemony scent, Plant Therapy’s Melissa can be used to help uplift and calm you during times of stress and worry,” says Nesmith.

You only need a small amount to enjoy the reported benefits of the powerful blend. “It can also help ease occasional digestive upset, help calm the mind in order to fall asleep more peacefully, and is excellent for your skin,” according to Nesmith. 

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Bergamot: for when you’re stressed over your holiday to-do list

Plant Therapy’s Bergamot is a favorite choice for many aromatherapists, and basically touted as meditation in a bottle. “Bergamot can help boost the mind and ease your worries,” says Nesmith.

When you're juggling a schedule that just won't quit, "inhale Bergamot to give your mind the additional focus it needs throughout the day to keep going,” she adds. Plus, the bright, citrusy scent also packs frankincense, patchouli, and black pepper for the full grounding package. 

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