The Badass Arm Workout That Ashley Graham Swears By

Photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham
All hail the queen who asked that the Barbie version of her have cellulite (it was denied, but she was granted the request to have the doll's thighs touch). Ashley Graham is a body-acceptance force to be reckoned with. The supermodel's always gracing the covers of magazines (from Vogue to Sports Illustrated), posting fire, unfiltered bikini pics on her Instagram, and has even written a book on self-love called A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like

Graham's a fan of it-girl boxing-and-weight-training studio DogPound, and has been spotted whizzing through some serious workouts.

So it only makes sense that she's game to kill it at the gym, too. Turns out that Graham's a fan of it-girl boxing-and-weight-training studio DogPound, and has recently been spotted whizzing through some serious arm workouts with trainer Kirk Myers.

As revealed on Myers' Instagram story, the model and author was hitting the resistance cables hard, pulling down from the top while standing on her toes—then using her entire body strength to pull them down past her knees. In other words: Graham's slaying the upper-body fitness game.

ashley graham arm workout
Photo: Instagram/@kirkmyersfitness

The supermodel was also doing battle ropes like a pro the other day with Myers. It's no wonder she's so strong. As Myers wrote in his caption: #smashcity.

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