The Boxing Advocate Empowering Followers to Squash Self-Doubt

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Welcome to Next Gen of Wellness, our spotlight of the nine up-and-coming icons you need to know about *right now*.  We’ve partnered with Quest Nutrition—makers of the craveable, high-protein, low net-carb Quest Bar—to showcase these icons’ mindfulness tips, nutrition advice, and routine-simplifying hacks. Below, boxing and fitness trainer Ashley Guarrasi shares hers.

In nine out of 10 posts on Ashley Guarrasi’s Instagram feed, you’ll see her drenched in sweat, crushing a superset or sparring routine (that shows off her quick reflexes and hard-earned endurance). If it seems like she goes hard during every workout, well, that’s on purpose.

With nearly a decade of experience, the boxing and fitness trainer has earned major street cred and now holds Nike master trainer status. By sharing her workouts on social, she hopes to empower women to embark on their own journeys—and motivates followers to take their current routines up a notch.

What’s more? Guarrasi's all about being a positive force in the fitness community. Since discovering the confidence-boosting powers of boxing (and exercise in general), she’s eager to spread the magic.

Read on to find out her go-to fitness routine for maintaining strength and endurance—plus, her clean-beauty recs.

Ashley Guarrasi jump roping
Photo: Stephanie Trapp 

How did you get into wellness?

I got into wellness about 10 years ago after a rough period in college where I wasn’t focused on my health. I started training every day when I was working in sales for a health-and-wellness company—and fell in love. About eight years ago, I found boxing and was immediately hooked and obsessed.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I was hired as a personal trainer for Equinox. I went on to start my own brand from there and then moved to NYC to help start Rumble Boxing in Manhattan about a year and a half ago. Then I became involved with Nike as one of their East Coast trainers.

What’s your personal mission in the wellness space?

My mission in the wellness space is to inspire others—especially women who don’t feel strong or get put down—and be a positive influence on the fitness community. I want those women to know that they can do anything that they put their minds to.

Ashley Guarrasi Next Gen of Wellness 2018
Photo: Elijah Dominique

What does a typical day look like for you?

In the morning, I wake up, drink coffee, train a few clients, get my own workout in, eat, and train a few more clients. During the day, I may go to meetings and auditions. In the evening, I’ll make dinner and wind down for sleep.

What are the wellness practices you incorporate into your daily life?

Meditation, healthy eating, training, and yoga. I also make time for recovery. My personal fitness routine consists of five to six days a week of training. I mix it up, incorporating yoga, boxing, mixed-martial-arts training, cycle classes, running, and functional-sports conditioning a few days a week.

What’s your fitness philosophy?

Fitness takes time. Be patient and trust the process. So much of life is rushed, and we don’t take time to enjoy the moments. Try to accomplish small goals daily. Do what works for you and your body!

Ashley Guarrasi Next Gen of Wellness 2018
Photo: Stephanie Trapp

What do you look for in a snack?

I look for convenience, healthy ingredients, and taste. I like that Quest Bars are easy to grab on-the-go and have high protein. There are a variety of different flavors too. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies & Cream.

What are a few of your favorite wellness essentials?

Some of my favorite natural products are bareMinerals makeup, Sweat Cosmetics makeup, Epicuren beauty products, Pacifica Beauty makeup wipes and body sprays. Plus, S’well reusable water bottles, under-eye masks, and any kind of face mask.

What do you think the future holds for wellness as a movement?

It’s trendy to be fit and healthy. People want to feel good and look good. And to do that, you need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. As for the future of fitness, I think there’s going to be more of a focus on mediation and mindfulness—as well as mixed martial arts. The sport is really on the rise right now.

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Top photo: Elijah Dominique

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