Never Thought Ashtrays Would Become a Healthy Home Must-Have but Welcome to 2018

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Photo: Decor8
The ashtray is making a comeback. (And yes, it's partially because cannabis has never been more lit.) But the hot ashtrays of today aren't round pieces of plastic emblazoned with the logo of a cigarette company; they're small works of art—sculptural and versatile with a nod to the vintage glamour of the Mad Men era, when the lack of knowledge on what cigarette smoking would do to you allowed the activity to seem glamorous.

Besides being the practical and responsible way of dealing with potential fire hazards in your home, they're also extremely adept at multitasking: Ashtrays can function as catch-alls for your nicknacks, or something to keep by your sink to put your jewelry in while you're washing dishes.

If you're in the market for one—you can spend hours on eBay searching for a specific vintage product (as I did last weekend when I became obsessed with pinup nodder ashtrays), hit up a local antique store, rummage through your parents storage, or easiest of them all—buy one of the beautiful options I've carefully curated below.

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