What to Do If You’re an Animal-Lover but Can’t Adopt One

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Your landlord doesn’t accept dogs. Your home is a tad too tight for a furry roommate. Your S.O. is allergic to cats. It’s official: The universe is standing in the way between you and adopting a four-legged BFF (for now!)—but in the meantime, we found the next best thing.

Get good karma—and all the feels—by becoming an ASPCA Guardian. For 63 cents a day (that’s way less than your daily matcha latte habit) you’ll be supporting the effort that impacted more than 300,000 animals in 2017.

Through your monthly donation, you can find homes for vulnerable animals across the country. From emergency rescue to recovery, the ASPCA is there for them every step of the way—and your donation is the magic that can make that happen.

You’ll find your dog or cat bestie eventually—but in the meantime, joining the movement to end animal cruelty (that totally needs your support!) is a foolproof place to start. Click here to donate now.

In partnership with ASPCA

Top photo: ASPCA

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