Planning a Summer Party? Here’s How One Pro “Mindfully Entertains”

New York City's wellness-destination-meets-social club, The Assemblage, is the kind of place you want to hang out.

With multiple locations throughout Manhattan, the city's coolest (and healthiest) workspace boasts a juice bar, holistic services like reiki and breath work, and a sound meditation room with daily classes (the NoMad location is also home to Well+Good TALKS). The most exciting thing about the space, though? Members-only events, which are hosted with the idea of what co-founder and managing director Magdalena Sartori dubbed "mindful entertaining."

"The overall mission of The Assemblage is to let people experience what it means to really be in higher vibration...we want to be very intentional about creating a space where you can actually experience that, " says Sartori, who adds that the space is constructed so that people can feel connection with others. This means communal breakfasts and lunches, spaces that encourage conversation, and no alcohol on the premise.

If you can't swing getting invited to an actual party at the members only hotspot, fear not: Sartori shared a few tips on how to "mindfully entertain" in your own home—juice bartenders and meditation guides not included.

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Keep the decor interesting

The best parties are the ones where people not only feel cozy in the space, but also feel inspired by it. To establish this sort of mood in the Assemblage, Sartori traveled the world in search of the perfect pieces. "Recently, I was in Morocco and I was very inspired by the way they design spaces that are really made for congregation and community with very comfortable, classic rug and floor seating, lamps on the floor; and everything is really made for the community."

Create your vibe

Ambiance is at the center of any good party, so think about the details. "Lighting can really create the space... having flame light, specifically candles, really changes the whole room," says Sartori. "I also think instruments around the space, like gongs, drums, things that you can tap, these instruments can change the space as well." She likes to create different vignettes with seating of different styles—the Assemblage itself is filled with cozy couches and corner beanbag chairs depending on what you're most comfortable with.

Make the event interactive

"One thing that we try to do is to really involve the guests in the experience," says Sartori. "We try to ask everyone who's participating to [bring something for the group]. So, maybe sometimes one of the guests would offer meditation or maybe someone would offer singing. We co-create an event with the guests." She notes that this style of entertaining does away with the distinction between "host" and "guest," which makes it more fun for everyone involved.

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