A ‘Potentially Hazardous’ 2,000-Foot Asteroid Is About to Buzz Earth—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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I can think of few things more appropriate to end this year than a NASA alert stating that a giant asteroid will speed past Earth at 27,500 miles per hour on the December 26. Once again, we shall narrowly escape disaster. Just kidding. Space rock CH59 is technically classified as "potentially hazardous," but I wouldn't worry too much about that.

The asteroid will be closest to our home planet—4.5 million miles away—at 2:54 a.m. ET the day after Christmas. This is 19 times farther away than the moon, in case you've also seen Armageddon one too many times and are alarmed by this splashy news. Also, it's just one of 5,000 "potentially hazardous" asteroids whizzing around up there. All joking aside, this is an astrologically significant event, which is great because the zodiac is the only thing keeping most of my friends sane at this point. (Was there ever a more 2019 sentence than that?)

"Asteroids represent very specific things in our natal charts, and you can tell what those are by looking at the name of the asteroid and its associated myth, as well as some of the events that were happening the time it was discovered," says intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang. "Since this one doesn’t have an exact name—just a number—we will have a clearer idea of what this one means after December 26, when it draws more attention to itself."

Lang tells me that whenever a new object in space is discovered, it symbolizes a new awareness available to us. "New space objects are often representative of new energies we are integrating into our collective mind," she says. "There’s often symbolic resonance with the object and what’s happening in our lives."

This one was discovered in February 2000, Lang explains, on the same day we had a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Aquarius. "This influence suggests this asteroid emphasizes themes of freedom and independence," she says. The asteroid also has a chart which represents humanitarian interests and encourages having compassion for others. "The day it was discovered, the themes of Aquarius and Pisces were strongly represented. Some of these themes involve connecting with others, friendship, community, creative vision, and altruism. These are the higher-octave energies of these signs, and since this asteroid steals the show the day after Christmas, we might draw from the symbolism to say this little space rock is helping us embody the spirit of giving," says Lang, noting that it's also helping us recognize the danger in the other faces of Aquarius and Pisces, which involve illusion or detachment from empathy.

This is the symbolism of the asteroid itself, she says, noting that it appears to be in the sign of Sagittarius on December 26. "Astrologically, that day strongly features Capricorn, and it’s also an eclipse in some parts of the world—for others, the eclipse falls on the 25th. Eclipses tend to shake things up for us, especially Solar Eclipses, which spur us to action. They tend to bring realizations about things we need to shift and change. I think this asteroid is going to punctuate those themes, and you could be inspired to make changes in your life that give your life more meaning and purpose," she says.

Lang says it's worth looking at the fact that this asteroid is considered potentially dangerous—at least symbolically. "What behaviors or activities are you engaging in that keep you disconnected from yourself or that could potentially be harmful?" she asks. "It’s a good opportunity to rethink some of those things."

An astrologer explains what this burning hunk of cosmic detritus (i.e., asteroid) means for you, according to your sign


With so many planets in earth signs that day, you are likely going to feel focused on practical matters of life, like making returns from your holiday gifts or hosting a gathering with friends. The presence of this asteroid could help you see a new vision for your life in 2020. It could help you identify what distractions may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals.


This asteroid’s presence shows you the ways you might be disconnected from others. How could you have more of a community? It’s time to focus on what brings you together with like-minded people. It’s about collaboration and connection. It also could inspire a new idea. The Solar Eclipse supports this, too, and because the Eclipse falls in Capricorn, anything you start at this time will have staying power. Avoid distractions, and concentrate on what’s real.


With the asteroid moving through Sagittarius, this could be a motivating influence. For Aries, especially, because of the way the Capricorn planets are relating with your sign. It’s a good idea to focus your excess energy toward some healthy outlet, like hiking or walking, so you don’t let it bottle up. This is not the best time to act on an impulse concerning something big. Don’t leave a relationship just because you have a fight, for example. Ground yourself through self-care activities, and connect with good friends who understand you through and through.


The symbolism of the asteroid suggests you’ll have a wave of empathy and compassion for others, which will be helpful if you’re spending time with family. This is a time to stay grounded and focused. It can be an intense time, with the Solar Eclipse, and you’ll likely be keyed into others’ emotions and energies. Take time to meditate and center yourself. Hear your own voice. The asteroid allows you to see ways in which your fears might bring distractions. This is an opportunity to clear them away.

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