Step Aside, Planets: The Asteroids in Astrology Can Offer an Even More Nuanced Look at Your Personality

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Astrology offers us infinite layers of insight as to what we love, need, and desire, allowing us to more deeply understand our personal vibe and that of our loved ones. While we can access this knowledge through our planetary placements, there are other celestial bodies used in modern astrology that can add even more nuance and dimensionality. Enter: the asteroids in astrology.

While there are thousands of asteroids in the cosmos, a handful of them get star billing, being used more regularly by astrologers than others. What’s striking about the asteroids used in astrology is that most are named after female deities and embody feminine signatures—a counterbalance to the planetary pantheon, in which all but the moon and Venus are named after masculine deities. (Regardless of how you identify, in astrology, it’s thought that we all embody masculine and feminine energies, with the asteroids reflecting mainly the latter.)

Like the planets, the asteroids in astrology were named by those who discovered them, and astrologers imbue them with archetypal meaning based on their mythical namesakes.

Like the planets, the asteroids in astrology were named by those who discovered them, and astrologers imbue them with archetypal meaning based on their mythical namesakes. For example, the asteroid Ceres, named after the Roman goddess of fertility, agriculture, and motherly relationships, signifies the ways we protect our offspring; and the asteroid Hygeia, named after the Greek goddess of health, reflects our relationship to our own well-being.

How to interpret the asteroids in astrology

Much as you’d interpret the planets in your birth chart by seeing which zodiac signs they occupied when you were born, you can work with the asteroids in astrology by determining the same. To discover the location of the main asteroids in your birth chart, enter your birthdate, time, and location into a birth-chart generator like this one, and select these asteroids from the drop-down: Ceres, Chiron, Eros, Hygeia, Juno, Pallas, Psyche, Sappho, and Vesta.

Then, read on for a primer on all nine of these main asteroids in astrology, plus a breakdown of how they will influence your personality depending on the zodiac sign where they’re located in your natal chart.

What are the main asteroids in astrology, and what do they mean?


Since 2006, Ceres has been categorized astronomically as a dwarf planet; yet in astrology, it’s often still referred to as an asteroid. Named for Ceres, the Roman goddess of motherly relationships, fertility, and agriculture, Ceres in astrology conveys big mama energy. It connects us to the fierce mothering side of ourselves that doesn't just nurture our offspring—whether our children or the creative projects we birth—but also fiercely defends them at all costs. Subsequently, Ceres also helps us understand how we relate to loss and sacrifice.

Ceres in Aries: While you passionately take on the mantle of defender, once the battle is seemingly over, you move on quickly.

Ceres in Taurus: You’re a believer in the power of nature—as well as retail therapy—to help cultivate a greater sense of resilience and comfort.

Ceres in Gemini: Language is precious to you; not only do you wield it adeptly, but you’re a staunch defender of using it intently and judiciously.

Ceres in Cancer: You’re the OG caretaker who prizes the sanctity of others feeling nourished and will spend an abundance of time and effort making sure your loved ones' literal (and figurative) cups are full.

Ceres in Leo: You can readily channel deep feelings of grief or loss through creative projects, and you encourage others to do the same.

Ceres in Virgo: You have a disciplined, thoughtful, and systematic orientation when it comes to safeguarding the well-being of others.

Ceres in Libra: While preserving the integrity of your close relationships is essential to you, you need to just watch that you don’t compromise too much of yourself in the process.

Ceres in Scorpio: If you perceive that someone you love is threatened, you instinctively embrace a take-no-prisoners approach to shielding them from harm.

Ceres in Sagittarius: What does it mean to be nurturing? That’s one of the questions you’re actively fascinated by and which you like to view through a philosophical lens.

Ceres in Capricorn: You’ll go the extra mile for that person you care about, especially when you can help them to be more prosperous and successful.

Ceres in Aquarius: You’ve got a special knack for facilitating group processes that enable others to feel like they are a valued part of a community.

Ceres in Pisces: While you are exceptionally sensitive to the needs of others, it’s important to watch your boundaries, or else you may find yourself taking on the causes of everyone around you.


Named after the centaur Chiron in Greek mythology—who was known to be a great healer but when wounded, ironically, could not heal himself—Chiron in astrology reflects the biggest wounds we carry throughout life, whether the actual sorrows we’ve experienced or the personal narratives that leave us feeling inadequate.

Understanding our pain points is powerful: Not only does it help us make more peace with them, but also, it gives us the capacity to help others who have similar pains. As such, our wounds become the foundation of our healing gifts—our ability to be empathetic and help others manage grief and restore their well-being.

Chiron in Aries: You know how vulnerable it can feel to stand up for what you desire, which is why teaching others to advocate for themselves is one of your gifts.

Chiron in Taurus: Learning to fully value yourself and feel confident in your ability to manage your money may be challenging but can bring you immense rewards.

Chiron in Gemini: Embracing your unique communication style will not only go far in terms of healing wounds but can help you access your power.

Chiron in Cancer: Creating a life that allows you to feel at home wherever you are is an essential strategy for living with more freedom and joy.

Chiron in Leo: It may be challenging for you to embrace your creativity but doing so will be a key step in embodying the luminous being you are.

Chiron in Virgo: As you continue to release your inner critic, you will see how it can be an incredible salve for healing old wounds.

Chiron in Libra: Don’t let sorrows experienced in past relationships keep you from knowing that you, too, are deserving of rewarding partnerships.

Chiron in Scorpio: While you may feel really sensitive to the idea of abandonment, remember that you can never truly be forsaken.

Chiron in Sagittarius: Allowing yourself to embrace your own truth is a journey in life and one that’s truly worth embarking upon.

Chiron in Capricorn: Remember that worldly achievement and success are not prerequisites for you to be loved, honored, and cared for.

Chiron in Aquarius: The more freedom you give yourself to be the individual you are, the easier it will be to experience a sense of true belonging and community.

Chiron in Pisces: Your life may be filled with experiences that require you to forge a deep faith in the universe and a knowingness that you are part of something much bigger than yourself.


It’s no surprise that the asteroid Eros is associated with our erotic nature; it’s named after Eros, the Greek god of sexual love.

What stirs our physical desire? What’s our style when it comes to pursuing our passions? And how can we decipher what’s really up with our sex drive? Eros holds some of the answers. But while it can help us understand our erotic turn-ons, its purview is wider than our sexual expression; through Eros, we can see what captivates us, lights us up, and infuses us with a lust for life.

Eros in Aries: Your passion burns hot, and if you’re not continually aroused, you may feel it will quickly burn out.

Eros in Taurus: Luxurious sheets, glimmering candlelight, beautiful music, and other sensual delights put you in the mood for love.

Eros in Gemini: You’re a sapiosexual at heart; arousal readily comes by way of a lover’s witty banter and erotic pillow talk.

Eros in Cancer: Seeing the way that your lover gets along with your family may be so endearing that it makes you desire them even more.

Eros in Leo: If your lover wants to have a crowning moment with you, they better treat you like the royalty you are.

Eros in Virgo: You have a great appreciation for the finer details involved in the game of seduction.

Eros in Libra: As you love love, the more romantic a situation, the more arousing you’ll find it.

Eros in Scorpio: You’re deeply committed to your passions and have an intense seductive side.

Eros in Sagittarius: You find philosophical conversations about the meaning of life to be quite the turn-on.

Eros in Capricorn: If your lover is not dependable and loyal, the chemistry may quickly fizzle.

Eros in Aquarius: The more you honor your kinky side, the better your sex life will be.

Eros in Pisces: With your vibrant imaginative mind, a dose of fantasy goes far when it comes to passionate pursuits.


If you want to access deeper insights into your well-being—beyond what you can learn via your moon sign and sixth astrological house of health and wellness—check out the location of the asteroid Hygeia in your birth chart. Named for the ancient goddess of health Hygeia (whose dad was none other than Asclepius, the father of medicine), this asteroid is associated with the concepts of self care and the healing arts. If you’ve got a thing for hygiene or cleanliness, Hygeia is probably playing a superstar role in your chart.

Hygeia in Aries: You appreciate fast-acting medicines and fitness regimens that you can do in short bursts.

Hygeia in Taurus: With a deep appreciation for all things sensual, for you, it’s not self care if it's not sensually pleasing on all levels.

Hygeia in Gemini: As a researcher par excellence, you love to learn about new wellness strategies and relaxation practices.

Hygeia in Cancer: Folk remedies—especially those passed down through the generations of your family—appeal to your nostalgic and traditional nature.

Hygeia in Leo: You have a high regard for how the creative arts can help you bolster your well-being.

Hygeia in Virgo: While you’re highly vigilant about your well-being, you have to watch that your inclination to have everything be perfect doesn’t lead to undue worry.

Hygeia in Libra: Given your social orientation, you’re likely more motivated to exercise or explore the latest wellness trend if you do it with a friend.

Hygeia in Scorpio: When you find a self-care strategy you like, you’re inclined to commit yourself wholeheartedly and make it a part of your everyday routine.

Hygeia in Sagittarius: You’re interested in healing remedies used in cultures around the world.

Hygeia in Capricorn: You’re inclined to wait for scientific research to amass before trying a self-care strategy that seems too far afield from the traditional.

Hygeia in Aquarius: Your trendsetting extends to the way you curate your wellness regimen: You tend to adopt wellness practices long before some of your friends have even heard of them.

Hygeia in Pisces: As a feelings-oriented person, you may find that your emotional well-being is a critical piece of your overall health.


Considering our Juno placement can take our understanding of our partnership patterns to another level. Paired with the seventh astrological house and our Venus placement, Juno helps us further identify what motivates us to be in a relationship and just what it is that we expect of our partners.

Named after Juno, the wife of Jupiter (the Roman god whose reputation for philandering precedes him), the asteroid Juno can clarify how we will react should a partner be disloyal or disrespectful. It reveals just how far we are willing to go to preserve our alliances amid betrayal or infidelity, and where we may draw the line.

Juno in Aries: Your romantic relationship needs to have an ample dose of spice; if it becomes too routine, you’ll get bored and frustrated.

Juno in Taurus: You love the security and stability that a trusted and deep partnership can bring to your life.

Juno in Gemini: You’re a good communicator who is adept at listening to others; you seek a partner who has the same attributes.

Juno in Cancer: Feeling that your partner really listens to and tends to your feelings is exceptionally important to you.

Juno in Leo: You appreciate a partner who showers you with attention and lauds the unique person that you are.

Juno in Virgo: You have a very clear definition of what you want in a partnership and are not shy about putting in the work required to make it flow.

Juno in Libra: You seek a partner who is charming and romantic. Ever the diplomat, you just need to watch that you don’t compromise too much in your relationship.

Juno in Scorpio: It’s essential that your partnership be a vessel for deep intimacy and personal transformation.

Juno in Sagittarius: It’s important that a partner not only gives you freedom to be yourself but also is someone with whom you feel free to explore life.

Juno in Capricorn: You’re attracted to a partner who is not only reliable and dependable but who also knows how to navigate the world.

Juno in Aquarius: While intimate partnerships bring you great fulfillment, you also place an exceptionally high value on your friendships.

Juno in Pisces: You seek a partner who is empathetic and with whom you can share a deep soulful connection.


Named after the goddess of wisdom and warfare Pallas Athene, who is said to have sprung forth fully grown from the head of her father Zeus, the asteroid Pallas describes our strategic and tactical self. It embodies the archetype of the female warrior—the one who approaches battles from a diplomatic and intellectual orientation, rather than forging headfirst into combat.

Your Pallas placement will demonstrate how you solve problems and pick your battles, as well as your relationship with your father, men, and the patriarchy more generally.

Pallas in Aries: You’re a keen strategist who gets impatient when your plans take too long to formulate or get executed.

Pallas in Taurus: You’re a practical warrior who has a sense of what is necessary and what is frivolous in life.

Pallas in Gemini: As a talented wordsmith, you fully stand behind the expression, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Pallas in Cancer: Your emotional intelligence is a key feature of your strategic thinking.

Pallas in Leo: As a tactician, you have a unique creative flair and bring a boldness of expression into everything you do.

Pallas in Virgo: You take every detail into consideration when considering the strategic moves you want to make.

Pallas in Libra: Your blueprint for winning battles is centered around your social skills as well as your diplomatic tact.

Pallas in Scorpio: You have little fear when it comes to digging into the depths of a situation to try to find the most transformational outcome.

Pallas in Sagittarius: You’re an enthusiastic planner, often feeling more optimistic than the next person that your strategy will be successful.

Pallas in Capricorn: You are highly driven to get things done and are deeply motivated by the possibility of success.

Pallas in Aquarius: Your ability to step back and see patterns helps you create game plans that are not only innovative but also readily enhance a group dynamic.

Pallas in Pisces: You are a spiritual warrior guided by your intuition, and you love to fight for the underdog.


What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to the asteroid Psyche, a whole lot. “Psyche” means “soul” in Greek, and this celestial body is thought to shine a light on just that: our soul journey, our sense of soulfulness, and even the ways we form deep soulful connections with others.

Named after the Greek goddess of the soul, Psyche can help us understand our affiliation with psychology (which comes from the same Greek word) and how we approach self-discovery and transformative experiences. The myth of Psyche, who had to endure many trials in the pursuit of love, is interpreted as a tale of metamorphosis and the soul’s triumph over life’s misfortunes.

Psyche in Aries: You’re a warrior through and through who is galvanized by experiencing bursts of self-reflective revelations.

Psyche in Taurus: Spending time in nature helps you feel most centered and soulful.

Psyche in Gemini: You’re deeply curious about your subconscious thoughts and the ways in which you can bring them to the surface.

Psyche in Cancer: Your family—whether chosen or of origin—can help you to feel a poignant sense of belonging, a deeper feeling of what it means to be rooted.

Psyche in Leo: The creative arts are a conduit to help you more deeply understand your emotions.

Psyche in Virgo: You’re interested in exploring the numerous facets of psychological thinking and seeing what they have in common.

Psyche in Libra: In addition to beauty deeply feeding your soul, feeling a profound connection with others is inherently nurturing to you.

Psyche in Scorpio: You are passionate about discovering who you truly are and are inherently drawn to psychologically analyzing yourself and others.

Psyche in Sagittarius: You feel the need to be free to explore the deeper meaning of life and are motivated to understand your personal truths.

Psyche in Capricorn: You often act as the office therapist and are known for your efficient ability to give no-nonsense advice.

Psyche in Aquarius: You’re drawn to being part of a community and actively seek out groups in which you feel a strong sense of belonging.

Psyche in Pisces: You have a strong sixth sense and are highly perceptive of subtleties that others may miss.


Sappho was the ancient Greek poet lauded for her lyrical poetry. The asteroid named in her honor helps us to understand how we connect with the creative arts, especially those centered around the written or spoken word.

Similar to Venus, Sappho is also thought to give us a vantage point into what we find beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. In particular, it showcases the affinity we have to women and the feminine qualities that we find to be attractive and inspiring (hence the term "sapphic" for sexual activity between women). Some posit that this asteroid also gives us insight into the way we approach same-sex relationships.

Sappho in Aries: Oftentimes, you’d rather read short stories and concise poems than ones that are long or contextually dense.

Sappho in Taurus: You’re highly attuned to the physical, finding delight in music, dance, sculpture, and other art forms that center on the senses.

Sappho in Gemini: Given your love of variety, your bookshelf likely features a wide array of genres and authors.

Sappho in Cancer: For art to really speak to you, it needs to evoke your emotions rather than just your thoughts.

Sappho in Leo: You are delighted by art that has a unique flair and love to witness bold creativity.

Sappho in Virgo: You really appreciate an artist who not only extols precision but champions craftsmanship.

Sappho in Libra: Love poems, romance novels, and other written works that showcase stories of relationships are really appealing to you.

Sappho in Scorpio: You find yourself attracted to art that is transformative, psychologically deep, and has an air of mystery.

Sappho in Sagittarius: You’re drawn to artists from around the world, those whose works allow you to better understand an array of cultural perspectives.

Sappho in Capricorn: To you, things that are antique or vintage have a special luster that affords them great value.

Sappho in Aquarius: Public art and creative projects that reflect a community’s joint effort have a special beauty to you.

Sappho in Pisces: You can be moved so deeply by art in nearly any form; it’s as if your heart and soul get transported to another place.


Want to discover your source of utter devotion? Look no further than the Vesta placement in your birth chart. Named after Vesta, the Roman goddess of the hearth and household, the asteroid Vesta reflects the activities and causes that capture our full attention—the ones that summon our inner flame of inspiration.

Vesta may also signal our affinity for renouncing our personal desires for a mission that is more collectively focused. It offers clues about what we find to be sacred and the ways in which we can integrate our sexuality and spirituality.

Vesta in Aries: You’re a dedicated trailblazer who is regularly exhilarated at the thought of championing yet another cause.

Vesta in Taurus: You view your body as a temple and sensuality, a route to connecting with the divine.

Vesta in Gemini: You see words as sacred and take a soulful approach to communication.

Vesta in Cancer: Preparing food and feeding others is a deeply devotional act for you.

Vesta in Leo: Being a champion for the arts is something to which you are deeply committed.

Vesta in Virgo: Whether it’s through the act of tending to your garden or just bearing witness to nature’s beauty, you see the Earth as your shrine.

Vesta in Libra: Your dedication to advocating for fairness and justice is laudable.

Vesta in Scorpio: You’re drawn to lovers who are equally as soulful as they are sexual.

Vesta in Sagittarius: You are committed to understanding the deeper meaning of your life and may feel called to help people around the globe less fortunate than you are.

Vesta in Capricorn: You pursue inspiring projects with patience and endurance; your dedication to the things you care about is second to none.

Vesta in Aquarius: You are devoted to discovering systems that have altruistic aims and can benefit humankind.

Vesta in Pisces: Helping others, feeling at one with the divine, and connecting to your intuitive gifts are things to which you are highly dedicated.

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