Here’s How the 3 Dual Signs of the Zodiac Balance Their Double Nature

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Do you find yourself with duality problems? A back-and-forth nature? You may be one of the astrological dual signs. These are zodiac signs that have problems around duality. Gemini, Pisces, and "kinda-sorta" Libra.

I know, I know, what's more back-and-forth than "kinda-sorta" Libra? But Stephanie Gailing, astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care points out, the duality issues are often tied to zodiac symbols.

As Gailing points out, Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs, which means that they’re flexible, adaptive, and chameleon-like. Paired with twin identities (Gemini is "the twins" and Pisces is "the twin fish"), this kind of gives off an inconsistent, of-two-minds nature that can outwardly be flakey or erratic. Libra has problems around duality, too, although they’re less about a personality, and more about weighing the scales equally.

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There’s also an argument around how Sagittarius is a dual sign, due to a flighty nature, and a bi-corporeal form (a centaur). Where I call BS is this: World traveler Sagittarius is always about going from one place to another, not between one place or another. Likewise, Capricorn has the bi-corporeal form of a goat-mermaid, and nobody is more stable and single-minded than a Capricorn. All your Cap friends work in finance and have dated the same person since college. It is what it is.

So, for the purposes of this discussion, we're defining astrological dual signs as signs that deal with struggles of mental, emotional, and even spiritual conflicts of duality, as indicative by their zodiac symbols. Below, we share how each one of them can find peace in oneness.

The 3(-ish) astrological dual signs, and how each achieves balance


"An air sign, Gemini is so interested in a wide variety of matters that they're represented not by one person but two,” says Gailing. “Gemini loves a little of this and a little of that.”

She likens Gemini’s personality to that of someone who can’t decide between ice cream cones. If you were ask the zodiac signs if they preferred chocolate or vanilla ice cream, most would be able to pick a flavor, no problem. But Gemini really loves both, and really flip-flop between the two. The best way to honor their love of each, Gailing says, is to order the soft-serve swirl.

"Instead of splitting off and only owning one part of themselves, their mission is towards synthesis, to embrace duality and see how it leads to wholeness," says Gailing. "Gemini reminds you that while they are two sides of a coin, they are actually of the same coin."

How does Gemini achieve balance: According to Gailing. Gemini feels most whole when they don’t need to feel like they need to pick. Instead of limiting yourself to just one lane allow yourself to love this and that, versus this or that. You’re allowed to have two separate groups of friends, two modes of transportation, two hobbies. You’re also allowed to merge your two loved and enjoy your metaphorical soft serve.

"By broadening your options, you’ll see yourself as someone with resolve rather than someone who is fickle, which Gemini often experience themselves as when they feel cornered into having to swim in a single lane,” Gailing says.


If you look at most illustrations of the Pisces fish, you’ll notice something interesting. Instead of swimming happily towards a current, they’re flipped in opposite directions.

“The two fish that are connected together by a cord, but which are swimming in opposite directions,” says Gailing. “This reflects the Piscean mission of soulful embodiment, integrating the spiritual and material worlds. That is the aim—although in pursuit of that there are many times when Pisces may be torn between fantasy and reality; they need to stay really present to not confuse the two.”

As someone who lived with a Pisces bestie for four years, this nature manifests itself in very funny ways. A Pisces will arrive to the scene as the wisest, most intuitive mystic in your friend group... and then date someone who was arrested for stealing a TV because “he has kind eyes.” Love y’all, but there is such a thing as being too idealistic.

How does Pisces achieve balance: Gailing is a Pisces Sun herself, and she’s found ways to keep herself grounded. In fact, take a cue from your Earth sign friends and literally ground yourself. She says to honor both spirit and nature, the numinous and the mundane.

“Bring the soulful down to earth—channel your artistry, interests, desire to help others and/or urge to experience universal love into a project, your work, or your everyday routines,” Gailing says.

So you have options of what this means to you, but maybe it means strengthening your creative talents with a Coursera course and seeing if it opens a career path. Or perhaps you can start charging for those tarot card readings instead of giving them to every friend-of-a-friend with a life crisis. You’ll figure it out, Pisces, put that third eye to work!


"Libra is all about weighing and measuring in the pursuit of equality, justice, harmony, and beauty,” says Gailing. “This is different than with the dual nature of Gemini and Pisces where the focus is integration; with Libra it’s more about balance and equitability."

Libra is also very focused on relationships (it rules the 7th house of partnerships) and teaches what we can learn through dancing with another, which might call to mind the delicate but profound dance between two partners in a twin-flame relationship. Gailing points out that with Libra, it’s never just about “me,” it’s about “me + you,” which comes back to the theme of two. So again, Libra may not always technically be considered a dual sign, but we can see a two-fold theme inherent in its symbol of the scales and its two pans. And since nobody is more focused on balance, we’ll throw this sign a tip as well.

How does Libra achieve balance: "The trick for Libra is to balance the ‘me’ and the ‘you,’ to not compromise too much when it comes to their drive for peace in the environment,” says Gailing. “Instead of just focusing on equality and fairness for others, ensure that you include yourself in the equation of what balance and harmony and justice means.”

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