There’s a *Lot* Happening in the Cosmos Right Now, and It Might Explain Why You’re So Tired

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There are myriad factors that could lead you to feel drained on any given day. For instance, maybe you didn't get enough sleep the night before, or perhaps life has just been super stressful. But, regarding any current bout of exhaustion, there are also a few astrological explanations that might help explain why. In fact, three major cosmic happenings, in particular, could leave folks with a less-energetic air:
  1. Eclipse season: This includes a partial solar eclipse in indulgent Taurus, which happened on April 30, and the forthcoming May 16 lunar eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of death, rebirth, and transformation.
  2. The Pisces stellium: The high number of planets in the dreamy sign of Pisces may have us all the way up in our feelings (and, frankly, exhausted).
  3. Planets in retrograde: Retrograde cycles happen when a celestial body appears to be moving backwards and serves as a time to slow down.

Keep reading to learn how, exactly, these astrological events may be draining the collective energy.

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3 astrological explanations for why we’re all just so dang tired right now

1. It’s eclipse season

Astrologers agree that eclipse season is likely the biggest culprit to explain sluggishness right now. “Eclipses are just energetically exhausting times,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. “It's usually not recommended to focus your energy intently during the eclipses. It's kind of a time to lay off the manifesting, chill out, and see what comes and goes in your life.” With that in mind, you may well feel tired if you’re trying to make things happen right now.

With regard to the specific transits in question, the solar eclipse in Taurus may have had folks thinking about what they value, their fears surrounding money, their budgets, and whether or not they’re getting paid what they’re worth, says astrologer Rachel Lang. “In addition to that, Taurus is a very sensual Earth sign, so taking care of our bodies was a really big theme for the Taurus eclipse, which is why I think a lot of people are more tired.”

As far as what you can expect from the upcoming lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which happens in tandem with a full moon? “Things come to light at a full moon,” says Marquardt. “Because it's in Scorpio, there may be something subconscious or hidden out of your view right now, and you kind of have to deal with it.” Marquardt adds that this might be taxing to do because it may involve facing fears, healing subconscious wounds, and sorting through repressed memories.
Want to know more about how the moon might affect you? Check out this video on moon phases:

2. There are currently a lot of planets in emotional Pisces

Any time three or more planets are in a zodiac sign, astrologers refer to that as a stellium. While a stellium isn't necessarily rare, the sign in question will likely influence the vibes folks feel in their lives. With Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values), Mars (the planet of physical energy), Jupiter (the planet of luck), and Neptune (the planet of inspiration) all in emotional Pisces right now, there’s a quadrupling down on the effect of the twin fish.

“With Mars moving into Pisces, it’s hard to get a hold on our energy levels, and motivations start slipping away.” —Ryan Marquardt, astrologer

“But that kicker, what’s really making everybody tired, is Mars in Pisces, because Mars is your energy level,” says Marquardt. “With Mars moving into Pisces, it’s hard to get a hold on our energy levels, and motivations start slipping away.” The good news here, adds Marquardt, is that Mars will move into self-starting Aries on May 25, so we can expect energy levels normalize at least by then.

3. Planets in retrograde

From February 3 to April 29, there were no planets retrograde, which had folks feeling like they could rule the world. But that changed when Pluto began its backwards spin in goal- and structure-oriented Capricorn, where the planet of rebirth encourages people to do some serious soul searching until October 6.

“Pluto is basically Hades, lord of the underworld, so it being retrograde means it’s deeper into that state,” says Marquardt. “It’s about leaning into those parts of you that you straight-up know are not working.” And if you don’t do that for yourself, it’s possible that the Pluto-meets-Capricorn energy will pull that out for you—which, honestly, even sounds exhausting.

And even though we don't enter the notoriously murky Mercury retrograde until May 10, we might still be feeling its slow-down effects due to the fact that every retrograde has a shadow period. A shadow period occurs for a week or two before and after the planet goes retrograde, and its effects are similar to those of the retrograde itself. Mercury retrogrades are often associated with mishaps in travel, technology, communication, and thought processes, so it's possible you're just tired because things keep going awry in those spheres during this "retroshade" period.

While there are some pretty powerful astrological explanations for why we're tired, it’s also not a time of straight-up gloom and doom. Rather, it’s the universe's way of suggesting (demanding?) that we slow down and lean into restful energy whenever possible.

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