March 20 Is the Astrological New Year—Here’s How You Can Best Celebrate

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Celebrations of any sort may feel unnatural right now, but there is a legitimate reason to metaphorically (or literally) pop a cork for the astrological new year, which kicks off directly following the Vernal Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries on March 20, 2020.

Most years, this would be a time of light after a period of dark, says astrologer and Soulstrology founder Ambi Kavanagh. "Traditionally we feel a sense of lightness and a lift with the start of spring," she says. "The temperatures get milder, the days longer and lighter."

Such is not quite the case this year, however, as "light" is definitely not the way I'd imagine most people would describe their vibe right now.  "With all that is happening globally amid the COVID-19 chaos, spring 2020 feels very different, heavy even, and understandably so," says Kavanagh.

Nevertheless, this new season will bring with it something else we all need right now: balance. "Spring Equinox represents equal parts day and night and calls for us to find balance and harmony, both within ourselves—the light and the shadow selves—and in the world," she says. "During unsettled times such as now, we can really harness the power of the Spring Equinox to ground ourselves." In other words, if you're running worst case scenarios through your head right now from your toilet paper fort, it's time to add some positivity to the pile. Below, Kavanagh offers some suggestions for celebrating the opportunities this new year brings—from the *comfort* of your own home, of course.

How to take advantage of 2020 astrological new year energy

1. Spring clean

While you might not think of cleaning as a form of celebration, Kavanagh posits that this is one way to channel the new year's vibes into something doubly productive. "Cleaning can be very meditative as it gets you out of your head and focused on the task at hand—it is is both mindfulness and cleanliness in action, both of which are highly necessary right now," she says. "Plus, it's important to create space for a new chapter." Yes, there will be newness, and some of it will be good, so open up space to let it in!

2. Visit the great outdoors

"Mindfully walking around a park, taking a hike, or going to the ocean can help you connect to the spring by seeing the changing landscape of nature," says Kavanagh. "Being in nature is also very grounding and healing, and it will also remind you of the cycles of nature, and life, and that this time shall also pass."

3. Revaluate your goals

This may seem like a depressing exercise, but right now is the time to do it as you will find that a balance between the good and the bad emerges. "Review your 2020 goals and check in as to how they are unfolding—which no longer really serve you or reflect your truth, or the changing world we find ourselves in? Adjust accordingly," says Kavanagh. While some things may be forced to disappear from your list given the new landscape in which we find ourselves, others may surface to take their place. "Now set some goals to manifest by the Fall Equinox, and create a vision board to reflect the manifestation of those goals."

4. Burn and bury your worries—literally 

"What would you like to let go of? Make a release list and burn it afterwards, seeing the energy of what you are releasing leave you as the list goes up in flames," says Kavanagh. If flames aren't your thing, you can always bury your list instead.

5. Gather for a ritual—virtually, of course

Arrange an online group call via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime with friends so you can share an Equinox ritual together. "Make tea, light a candle, share what you are releasing as well as your intentions as a group, and conduct a group meditation," says Kavanagh. More than ever before, we need to honor the importance of community, so don’t let social distancing stop you from connecting with others entirely."

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