This Zodiac Sign Is Bringing Major Main Character Energy to 2023—And More Astrological Shifts To Expect

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Ready or not, an astrological revolution is on the horizon for 2023. Planetary shifts not seen in hundreds of years will be taking place, promising progressive change across the entire zodiac.

In this week’s episode of the Well+Good Podcast, astrologer and CosmicRx founder Madi Murphy is here to explain what you can expect from astrology in 2023.

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While you might be ready to take on a new fitness regimen or reorganize your space for the new year, take some time to reflect on the prior year. Themes of collaboration and inclusivity will reign supreme in 2023, says Murphy, presenting opportunities for introspection and self growth.

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Take it nice and easy. Use these first few months to meditate on your goals and visions for the year. You’ll be better equipped to tackle them head-on come springtime. “It's a great time to plan, to plot, to look ahead,” says Murphy. “It's really not the time to plant seeds or to start something new; it's the time to reflect. What worked last year, what didn't?”

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While Murphy promises juicy transformations across the zodiac this year, Taureans are expected to experience glow-ups of epic proportions. Eclipses throughout 2022 caused some topsy-turvy, uncomfortable changes for the sign. Come May 16, however, Jupiter will move into Taurus, providing clarity and vision for the earthy sign. “Taurus is definitely going to have the main character energy on 1000,” says Murphy.

Revolution, too, is going to rock the zodiac this year, says Murphy. As Pluto moves into Aquarius and out of Capricorn, we’ll be experiencing the “wildest, most progressive revolutionary advances” of our lifetimes. Not since 1777 has the planet entered Aquarius' rebellious arena—expect some much-needed changes in the collective.

“This whole year is going to be paradigm-shifting,” says Murphy. “The real theme for the year is ‘anything can happen.’ There’s going to be a lot of new energy.”

What does 2023 have in store for you? Check out the full podcast episode here, where Murphy dives deeper into her predictions for each sign. 

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