Everything You Need to Know About the Astrological Event Shaking up Your Personal Universe This Summer

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On August 21, a total solar eclipse will throw shade at the US—cutting a path across the entire country for the first time in almost a century. It'll be possible to view the astrological event, either in full or in part, from anywhere in the contingent 48. But what exactly does that mean for you, other than that you need to pack special sunglasses that Monday?

“Eclipses, in astrology and energetically, are big clean-up times,” says Ophira Edut, astrologer and half of the cosmic duo The AstroTwins. "[If] we've been on the fence about something or we've been wishy-washy, a solar eclipse will usually push us into a new chapter with a new moon. They tend to reveal what's hidden from us.”

"A solar eclipse will usually push us into a new chapter."

This summer’s eclipse falls in the house of Leo, a sign characterized by loyalty and pride, a strong sense of self, and the desire for attention and drama. “[This eclipse] is a time for people to really stretch their personalities, put their individual stamp on something, take a risk, be out there, be bold, go for a new creative project, or a new romance,” says Edut.

For the month surrounding the phenomenon—in particular the three-to-five days before and after the actual moment—you’ll start to feel its effects. And while the solar eclipse will only be visible in the August sky for a matter of minutes, it marks the beginning of a metaphysical phase that doesn't culminate until the Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018—so prepare to feel its leonine energies at work well into the new year.

"Eclipses can be a little disorienting. It's best to not make rash moves because the energy will feel like a burst—so even though you may feel like you have to make life-altering decisions, just...let the energy integrate,” advises the astrologer.

So what impact will the cosmic shift have on your life? Here's how Edut says the eclipse will affect your relationships, career, and health.

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Prepare for your moment in the company spotlight

Now's the time to figure out what you want to put your personal stamp on work-wise—then begin cultivating the skills you need to make it happen. The astrologer suggests asking yourself: Where do [I] want to be at the [Leo Lunar Eclipse]? And says, "Everything you do today is really planning for a huge debut or coming-out party [then]. It's not like you can instantly grab fame, but you can start paving a very clear road to whatever that is.” 

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Fortify your friendships

Consider the eclipse your chance to take inventory of your relationships, express gratitude for the loyal people in your life, and take note of where you can offer up more allegiance of your own. Plus, the healthy dose of leonine courage it brings can help you form new friendships. So if there's someone you've been admiring from afar—like the girl with the flawless scorpion pose in yoga class—be bold, set your mat up next to hers, and ask if she wants to go for a post-savasana smoothie. 

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Make healthy choices—from fitness to food

Leo is the ruler of the heart, spine, and upper back, so make this the season of posture exercises. Work on strengthening your core, and take the time to get a massage or visit a chiropractor. "Foodwise, add more color to your plate,” Edut recommends. "Leo's very showy, so, take time for meals or add some entertainment to it, like doing a healthy potluck.”

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Anticipate a total eclipse of the heart

Thanks to Leo, this summer's solar eclipse is "probably going to push people to take a chance with their feelings...being openly romantic and gushing a little, even,” says Edut. The lion sign rules intimacy, so everything you do will happen with an extra-passionate punch.

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