Ummm… Why Are Astrologers Saying We Shouldn’t Get Botox Right Now?

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If there were ever a completely astrology-fluent, cosmically oriented group of folks, it’d be our editorial team at Well+Good (no surprises there). Yet, during a recent team meeting, when one editor casually mentioned that astrologers advise against getting Botox right now, everyone was floored. And the collective shock only magnified when I let them all know that, in fact, we’re about to be in the midst of a star-sanctioned moratorium on all big cosmetic changes, from hair chops to fillers. Why? None other than Venus retrograde, which begins July 22 and lasts until September 3.

To understand how that planetary transit can hold sway over something so material as Botox, it’s helpful to think about how a retrograde is framed in astrology, generally speaking. “When a planet goes retrograde [aka appears to trek backward through the sky], the areas of life that the planet governs become obscured, unclear, or confused,” says astrologer Madi Murphy, co-founder of Cosmic Rx. In the case of Venus retrograde, that would mean anything in the realms of values, self-esteem, love, finances, and—you guessed it—beauty and aesthetics. So, going forth with any big cosmetic changes right now would be a bit like hopping in your car and charging full-speed ahead despite a lack of cosmic visibility.

While the result might be fine—just like you might be fine driving through an actual storm—the odds just aren’t working totally in your favor, especially in comparison to a clear day (or one not cosmically clouded by a retrograde). “When Venus is retrograde, it also appears to move slower than usual,” says astrologer Lisa Stardust, author of The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos. And that energy isn’t aligned for any semi-permanent or permanent beauty tweaks, all of which can wind up a bit wonky, she says.

“Venus retrogrades are notorious for skewing our sense of self-esteem or how we perceive ourselves.” —Madi Murphy, astrologer

But it’s not just the final product itself that stands to suffer during Venus retrograde; it’s often your perspective about it, too. “Venus retrogrades are notorious for skewing our sense of self-esteem or how we perceive ourselves,” says Murphy. “We can feel lost, confused, or just not our best, which can cause us to make impulsive decisions about our appearance that we may later regret.” That’s why easily reversible beauty tweaks (say, a routine hair trim or simple color maintenance) are not of nearly as much concern as the more permanent (or in the case of Botox, semipermanent) cosmetic changes, when it comes to the astrology of Venus retrograde.

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And as it turns out, it's actually not just Venus retrogrades that can wreck havoc on beauty treatments. Both astrologers also advise against such treatments during Mars retrogrades, given that the planet rules over surgical procedures, and Mercury retrogrades, in order to avoid clerical errors or miscommunications. (As a reminder, the next Mercury retrograde dates are from August 23 to September 15, so the astrology of that period is especially misaligned for cosmetic changes.)

One last thing to consider, for the astrology buffs? The effects of retroshade (aka that period of time right before or after any planet’s retrograde) on cosmetic changes; the current Venus retroshade began on June 19 and lasts until October 7. “We can feel a little disoriented during it, especially during a ‘station,’ which is when a planet turns direction and appears, for a short time, to be at a standstill in the sky,” says Murphy. That said, giving any appearance-related tweaks some extra attention and patience is all you need to do during the Venus retroshade period. “While it’s not the most ideal time [to make a cosmetic change], it’s not as risky as during the actual retrograde,” Stardust says. “And I’m also a firm believer that life has to go on.”

Us, too. But if you’re feeling spooked, just know that you’ll be totally astrologically home free to do whatever you want to your appearance come October 7—once the window has closed on Venus and Mercury retrogrades and retroshades, and Mars is still happily transiting direct. (Though, of course, you're always free to do whatever it is you want; just consider the supposed connection between astrology and cosmetic changes a reminder to check in with yourself before any big appearance tweaks, as a means to ensure you feel 100-percent about your plans.)

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