8 Out-of-This-World Gifts Every Astrology Lover Needs This Year

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This year, my list of holiday-gift recipients is a veritable coven of Co-Star-using friends and a mother who's been blaming people's personality traits on their birth month for as long as I remember. Astrology is both near ancient and bigger than ever. And that's is precisely why I'm sure you have one or a dozen zodiac-obsessed loved ones who would love some cosmic-themed astrology gifts to kick off the new year.

Luckily, there are plenty of astrology gifts available for purchase, and they span the spectrum of specific to general. Meaning, no matter where someone is in their zodiac-loving journey, there's a star-sign-themed gift they can enjoy.

Below, find 8 astrology gifts any zodiac lover would love to receive.

1. Birthdate Candles, $48

If you've seen these candles creep into your Instagram feed (we all have), then you know they're not about lumping you in a one-out-of-a-dozen classification. Birthdate Candles go beyond the zodiac wheel and get into the nitty-gritty nuance of, well, your birthdate. They assign you a title based on your birthday—and they also smell great.

2. Venus Et Fleur Zodiac Collection by Susan Miller, $169

This collaboration between Venus Et Fleur and Astrology Zone founder Susan Miller includes bespoke arrangements for each zodiac sign, with each sign connected to a different color of flower. Every order comes with a booklet of horoscope predictions for the year ahead, and since these treated blooms will last for that entire year, the gift is even more out of this world.

3. Ban.do Zodiac Barrette, $48

It's been a big year for the hair accessory, and these gold barrettes provide the trend with an astrological touch. Keep your bangs out of your eyes and let future romantic prospects know you're not Libra-compatible in one fell swoop-and-clip.

4. Magic of I 2020 Astrological Planner, $45

Coming in several colors, the Magic of I astrological planner is a must-have for those who plan their days beyond reading their daily horoscope. It provides spaces for your personal birth chart, void moon times, and menstrual tracking. Yes, that means that your detail-oriented Virgo friend needs one, stat.

5. Custom Star Map, $14

This Etsy best-seller is a celestial Instagram just waiting for you to hang up in your living room and post already. Simply input whatever significant date strikes you (the night of your first kiss, your wedding day, the birth of your twin nieces), and you'll be granted a picture of the night sky on the very same date.

6. The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide, by Annabel Gat, $20

This book is complete with beautiful illustrations that make it nothing short of completely coffee-table worthy—especially for your friend who asks for birth times a tad early in Hinge conversations.

7. Realisation The 1996 in Zodiac, $250

Consider this slip dress the perfect gift for someone who's elegant, minimalist, constellation-minded, and doesn't like to betray their own star sign. It also doubles at as a great conversation starter when worn at weddings.

8. Rock Paradise Horoscope Stone Box Set, $28

Since we're amid a golden age of sorts of woo-woo wellness, you may or may not already know that certain crystals correspond with your zodiac sign. Either way, this gift set provides your pouch-carrying friends a few stones with which to meditate and practice self care to help get them through whatever conflicts their star sign is most prone.

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