The Best Way to De-Stress, According to Your Astrological Sign

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Feeling a bit frazzled these days? You're not alone. Thankfully, your astrological sign can tell you exactly how you should cope. Just like how you can turn to the stars to find your best romantic match, your signature beauty look, and happiness tips, your horoscope (AKA your straight-shooting BFF from the sky) can offer up advice on the ideal way for you to deal once your anxiety's been triggered.

Whether you're a feisty fire sign or an airy daydreamer, there's a de-stressing method that fits your unique astrological profile just right. Think of this as your toolkit to regaining that feeling of Zen, regardless of how hectic things get.

Keep reading for chill-out tips from astrologer Sandra Sitron of Strong Eye Astrology, based on your sign.

Happiness tips for Aries
Illustration: Julia Wu

Aries: Work out

Aries energy can burn bright and hot. When she gets overloaded, the fire can rage out of control. Her best course of action to chill out? Heat up. Raise that body temperature to match the temperature of her spirit though a serious sweat sesh. Working things out physically keeps Aries well-tuned, and allows her to then modulate her energy effectively—which helps her be the #girlboss she's meant to be.

Happiness tips for Taurus
Illustration: Julia Wu

Taurus: Eat healthy

When Taurus is stressed, overly indulgent or not-so-healthy eating can creep up on her. The best way for her to regain control is to get in touch with her body by listening to it so she knows when she is hungry and full. She can regularly tune in by asking herself what nutrition she craves and then make appropriate choices (whether meal prepping or dining out). When Taurus' eating choices support her vibrance and vitality, she's greatly benefitting her sensitive body—which promotes a better sense of calm.

Happiness tips for Gemini
Illustration: Julia Wu

Gemini: Get info

Gemini loves to learn and to talk. Her sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of thinking and communicating—so when she gets worked up, her mind can race. Getting some answers to her questions always makes her feel better. Having facts about her situation makes it easier for her to discuss it with her friends (which is another great stress-reliever for Gemini.) She does need to avoid overconsuming information—any Gemini who’s gone down an internet rabbit hole knows this wisdom well. But the right quality and quantity of information can really put her mercurial mind at ease.

Happiness tips for Cancer
Illustration: Julia Wu

Cancer: Nest

Cancer needs a special cove in which to rest (perhaps her dreamy, double-tap worthy bedroom). She loves to be at home, surrounded by the people and objects that are dear to her heart—this gives her major stress relief. Although she can make herself quite busy there with lots of projects and nurturing, having alone time is key. Restful solitude helps her process her myriad of emotions, and doing so from the comfort of her own home brings her peace and joy.

Happiness tips for Leo
Illustration: Julia Wu

Leo: Create

Leo is the creator of the zodiac. She wants to share her unique individuality with the world, and get recognition in return. For this reason, her perfect calming activity is making or producing something. Whether it’s singing a song, making a painting, or cooking a meal, Leo feels instantly better when she brings something new to the world. Nothing is worse for the Leo mindset than getting stuck looking at her phone. For maximum stress relief, she needs to be actively sharing her light with the world.

Happiness tips for Virgo
Illustration: Julia Wu

Virgo: Clean

Virgo is hard-wired to make the world a better place. When this task gets overwhelming (as is known to happen) Virgo gets stressed out. Taking on a smaller task like a house-cleaning project (or some general Marie Kondo-ing) can help her feel like she is being productive. She can funnel all of her physical and mental energy into something tangible that will yield to her efforts. Cleaning produces an instant result that soothes her body, mind, and spirit.

Happiness tips for Libra
Illustration: Julia Wu

Libra: Talk it out

Libra is the sign of partnership. As such, a Libra needs to have a special confidante (you know, your go-to meme-tagging BFF) to consult when the going gets tough. Her sign is highly intellectual, so she applies a lot of brain power to challenging situations. Being able to discuss issues helps her think things through, which can seriously bring down her stress level. Any partner who balances her out is a good choice for a therapeutic conversation.

Happiness tips for Scorpio
Illustration: Julia Wu

Scorpio: Have sex

Scorpio rules union—the merging of the spiritual, emotional, and physical. On the physical plane, merging equals sex. If sex is safe and desired, it can be an awesome stress reliever for Scorpio, allowing her to feel truly merged. If sex is not available or wanted at the moment, Scorpio the water sign can easily skip the physical plane and go spiritual—which she does through fantasizing. Fantasy opens gateways of the imagination that allow Scorpio to “merge” on other planes of existence. Her fantasies may be paired with masturbation, or not—whatever is on the menu that day is all good.

Happiness tips for Sagittarius
Illustration: Julia Wu

Sagittarius: Get philosophical

As the last fire sign, Sagittarius yearns to understand the meaning of the spark of life, and is forever questioning humanity's purpose. As a philosopher, finding her own, unique meaning in the world can help her maintain a positive perspective. She needs to know her objectives—it helps orient herself as she kicks ass in achieving her goals. When she is stressed out, she should seek inspo from great teachers, read inspirational quotes, or opt to craft her own philosophical code—try journaling.

Happiness tips of Capricorn
Illustration: Julia Wu

Capricorn: Make a plan

Capricorn the goat is always climbing the metaphorical mountain—she wants to be able to see her way up. When the path gets murky, and she's unsure of how she will execute her plans, it can cause stress. So she needs lots of game plans. On some level, she wants to build her very own empire. It helps to create daily, weekly, and monthly plans, as well as five-, 10-, and 20-year plans—which soothes her industrious (and ambitious) spirit. (Bullet journaling could be the perfect solution.)

Happiness tips for Aquarius
Illustration: Julia Wu

Aquarius: Make a vision board

Aquarius is the sign that rules hopes, dreams, and aspirations. In other words—Aquarius is a huge visionary. She has no time for everyday banality. When Aquarius is anxious, she can soothe herself by tapping into her ability to envision. She needs to elevate her mindset. Stepping into visionary thinking by focusing on how she would like things to feel helps her regain perspective and positivity. Creating a vision board collage helps her picture an ideal future, which can be a great stress reliever. Aquarius also rules groups, so doing this activity with a bunch of friends is a major bonus. Women's circle, anyone?

Happiness tips for Pisces
Illustration: Julia Wu

Pisces: Meditate

Pisces is all about transcendence. Being the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the summary of the experience of all the other signs. In astrological theory, Pisces encompasses all of that earthly experience and transcends the Earth plane, communing with the spiritual. As the last water sign (which rules emotions), Pisces feels all the feelings of humanity. She is empathetic and sensitive, and needs to do something with all of this emotion and understanding. Her best stress-fighting prescription? Meditating. It clears her mind and connects her to her intuition, which transmutes waves of emotions to peacefulness and higher understanding.

Originally published November 16, 2016. Updated July 5, 2018.

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