Your Yoga Horoscope: What Poses Suit Your Sign

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Diane Booth Gilliam's new book "Yogastrology" rekindles the ancient connection between yoga and star signs in a modern way you can use on the mat.

(Photo: The Golden Secrets)
(Photo: Jesse Golden for The Golden Secrets)


When pouring over the horoscopes (whether you're a skeptic, a dabbler, or obsessed), you expect to read advice on love, money, and career moves. But probably never, ever your yoga practice.

Diane Booth Gilliam set out to change that, penning horoscopes for Yoga Journal, and now with her new book, Yogastrology where she explores the connection between yoga poses and star signs. And while it sounds novel (and maybe even a little "out there"), it's a relationship that dates way, way back to yoga's origins, she says.

Yogastrology says that every sign has a corresponding part of the body that needs focus and attention in your yoga practice.

"I reunited yoga and astrology by aligning yoga and wellness practices with the natural rhythms of the sun, moon, and stars," explains Gilliam, who spent a decade living in ashrams across Australia and India, practicing ancient yogic rituals based on solar-lunar rhythms.

That said, the concepts in the book don't at all require ashram-like surrounds and can be easily applied to your yoga practice. Especially because Yogastrology says that every sign of the Zodiac has a corresponding part of the body that needs focus and attention—the knees for Capricorns, the heart for Cancers—and that these may present physical or metaphorical weaknesses, which come into play in your yoga practice. And heck, your life.

Find out what the stars have to say about the best poses for your sign, your body, and your practice. (Don't expect love, money, or career advice as it pertains to your yoga class. Maybe that's for the sequel?) —Jamie McKillop

Sign: Aries (March 21–April 20)
Poses: Oh Aries, always the first one in line—sometimes you need to learn how to relax. Try a calming standing forward bend, head-to-knee pose, and savasana.
Famous Aries Yogi: Marlize Joubert

Sign: Taurus (21 April–21 May)
Pose: Let's be real, are you ever a tad bull-headed? Cow pose, cat pose, and bridge can help you release pent up stress in the head, neck, and shoulders. (Or you could just balance on it, like Sri Dharma Mittra. Just an idea!)
Famous Taurus Yogi: Dharma Mittra

(Photo: Kathryn Budig)
Gemini celeb yogi Kathryn Budig. (Photo: Stark Photography)


Sign: Gemini (22 May–21 June)
Pose: You take on a lot of responsibility at once, which is great—but not for your shoulders, with all that weight resting on them. Take a load off with bow pose, cobra pose, and downward facing dog.
Famous Gemini Yogi: Kathryn Budig

Sign: Cancer (22 June –22 July)
Pose: With characteristics like a crab, you tend to retreat into your shell. Focus on chest and heart-opening poses like upward plank pose, half moon pose, and dancer's pose.
Famous Cancer Yogi: Derek Beres

Sign: Leo (23 July –22 August)
Pose: Confident and sincere (with a flair for the dramatic), you may forget to protect one of the most sensitive areas—the spine. Counteract this habit with lion pose (duh!), camel pose, and revolved triangle.
Famous Leo Yogi: Dana Trixie Flynn

Yogi Faith Hunter, a Virgo, immediately gets stomach pain when she's stressed. (Photo: Chelsea Loves Yoga)
Yogi Faith Hunter is a a Virgo. (Photo: Chelsea Loves Yoga)


Sign: Virgo (23 August–23 September)
Pose: Virgos can be critical and cold, but peacock pose, full boat pose, and seated twisting pose can help open you up physically and emotionally and find your warm and fuzzy.
Famous Virgo Yogi: Faith Hunter

Sign: Libra (24 September–23 October)
Pose: Keep your signature sense of balance ever so solid with tree pose, extended hand-to-toe pose, or side crane pose.
Famous Libra Yogi: Elena Brower

Sign: Scorpio (24 October–22 November)
Pose: An intense and passionate sign, you have a fiery sexual nature (well, then!). Release energy and relax the pelvis through camel pose, lotus pose, and wide-angle seated forward bend.
Famous Scorpio Yogi: Sadie Nardini

Sagittarius yogi Shakti Sunfire incorporates hula hoop into her practice (hello hips!). (Photo: Wanderlust Festival)
Sagittarius yogi Shakti Sunfire incorporates hip-centric hula hoop into her practice (Photo: Wanderlust Festival)


Sign: Sagittarius (23 November–21 December)
Pose: As a Sagittarius, you are predisposed to movement. Which, if you haven't noticed, causes your hips to tighten up. Counteract any hip stress with lizard pose, half pigeon pose, and high lunge.
Famous Sagittarius Yogi: Shakti Sunfire

Sign: Capricorn (22 December–20 January)
Pose: With a symbol like the mountain goat, you're surefooted and steadfast. Because of this, alignment is key for you. Strengthen your signature knees with chair pose, mountain pose, and tree pose.
Famous Capricorn Yogi: Raghunath Cappo

Sign: Aquarius (21 January–19 February)
Pose: For you, it's all about the calves and ankles. Lotus pose, eagle pose, or revolved side angle can help shift focus to movement forward and versus rebellion.
Famous Aquarius Yogi: Bikram Choudhury

Sign: Pisces (20 February–20 March)
Pose: You're selfless and spiritual. But without feet, my fishy friend, how can you expect to feel grounded? Make sure to connect to the earth through mountain pose, half frog pose, and standing split.
Famous Pisces Yogi: Kelly Morris

For more information, visit or check out a copy of Yogastrology


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