Constantly Losing One Earring? Here’s Some Good News for You

Photo: Getty Images/Sonia Parra/EyeEm
Watching Desperately Seeking Susan for the first time as an impressionable 14-year-old was a revelatory experience. It taught me that personal ads are a great source of entertainment (R.I.P Craiglist's missed connections), there's no such thing as a free jacket, and most importantly, that all you need for a look is exactly one statement earring.

The first time I felt bold enough to experiment with this idea, I was trying to be glass half full about losing a giant, bejeweled cross earring. (It's honestly still painful to type about.) Instead of calling it a day and burying the other one somewhere I wouldn't be visually triggered by it, I decided to wear it with another orphaned earring from my jewelry box. Aside from finding a second life for my widowed accessory, asymmetrical earrings are one of those things (like leisure suits or pattern mixing) that just eschews an ere of competence with complex styling.

And even if you're not into the other jewelry revivals from the '80s, this is still a trend you can get behind without dating your look. The style trick works equally well with more delicate and minimal pieces. To start, you can scrounge through your collection to see if you have any single earrings that speak to you, or you can buy a mismatched pair or standalone statement maker from someone who's done the work already. For the latter, below is a selection of earrings—some individual, some asymmetrical pairs, and some matching sets that play well with others.

You can also channel Madonna via her skincare and workout routines.

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