*This* Is the Perfect Balance of Squats and Lunges to Work Your Lower Half

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You know that scene in Clueless where Tai laments that even after hours of workout tapes, her buns "don't feel nothin' like steel"? Well, that is the exact opposite of how you will feel when you take this at-home lower body workout for a test drive.

In this week's edition of the Well+Good Trainer of the Month Club, Master SoulCycle Instructor and EmBody creator Emily Turner has put together a weighted lower body workout that will actually have you excited for leg (and butt) day. Think squats, lunges, and leg lifts, which will be a nice respite from the planks we've been powering through over the past few weeks.

Grab a set of weights and give it a try, but be prepared for at least a day or two of butt-and-leg soreness induced waddling.

Do each move for a minute, and cycle through the full series twice.

1. Weighted lunge with bicep and hammer curls: Start with your right leg forward in lunge position. Hold your arms out to the sides with your elbow locked into your rib cage, and move your arms through alternating bicep and hammer curls while your legs pulse in the lunge. Repeat for 30 seconds. Then, continue the pulse while alternating hammer curls on either side. Repeat for 30 seconds.

2. Weighted single leg lift: With your right foot planted firmly on the ground, leg straight, extend your left leg back behind you into the air and hinge forward at the waist, reaching the weights to the ground. Press the weights up over your head, pulling your right knee toward your chest. Continue for one minute without letting your right foot touch the ground.

3. Wide squat with weighted upper back and shoulder presses: With your legs set out wider than your hips, tighten your core and move into a sumo squat. Hold the weights out to the side with your elbows at 90 degrees. Stand up straight and hinge the weights forward without letting your elbows drop. Then, hold the weights out to the side in the same 90-degree position and pulse up and down in the squat. Continue for one minute.

4. Weighted lunge with bicep and hammer curls (left): Repeat move number three on the left side.

5. Weighted single leg lift (left): Repeat move number three on the left side.

6. Small V with bicep curls: With your heels together and toes facing outward (think: ballerina plie), pulse your legs up and down while alternating bicep curls on the left and right. Continue for one minute.

Want to feel the burn in your entire body? Emily Turner's got you covered. Be sure to try her plank series and core workout to get you fully fired up. 

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