Here’s the *Real* Reason Carole Radziwill’s Skin Looks so Good

Photo: Instagram/@caroleradziwill
Being able to accomplish something from the comfort of your own Zen den allows you to do it more often, efficiently and enjoyably. Just take the advent of online shopping, which revolutionized the exhausting experience of fitting rooms, and the trend toward WFH policies, which helps boss babes everywhere have some godforsaken flexibility. The same is now true for a certain sought-after skin-care practice. Once only recommended to do as a procedure at the dermatologist's office to help heavy-duty ingredients reach deeper into the channels of your skin, microneedling is now possible to do from the convenience of your own couch. When executed correctly, studies show that the ritual can stimulate collagen production and increase absorption of the good-for-you ingredients, like hyrdating hyaluronic acids, in your favorite oils, moisturizers, and serums into your skin.

The latest convert to the practice? None other than Carole Radziwill, journalist, author, and cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City. The reality star admits that though, yes, she owes her flawless skin to a myriad of cult-favorite products, she also touts the powers of one tool that makes said faves work overtime, Into the Gloss reports. "Depending on my mood, I’ll use the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream at night, and that’s it. But let me show you one other thing—it’s not only about the cream," she tells ITG, explaining that she uses a microneedler to "roll very lightly" over her skin.

Radziwill admits that though, yes, she owes her flawless skin to a myriad of cult-favorite products, she also touts the powers of an at-home microneedler that makes said faves work overtime.

At-home microneedling involves moving a handheld device with a roller of tiny needles in different directions over your face for a few minutes. Experts say it can be done daily as long as you don't have a bad reaction to it, and one Well+Good editor saw results in just one week. In addition to giving herself acu-rolling sessions, Radziwill says she also has microneedling facials every six weeks or so. (Gwyneth Paltrow loves 'em too.)

To try the prickly yet oddly satisfying practice for yourself, you'll first need to invest in a device. Radziwill says she likes Environ's gold option, but you could opt for a less expensive LED-enhanced one ($199) if you can't quite rationalize the $300 price tag. Then copy Radziwill's nighttime routine: Remove your makeup, exfoliate, then gently glide the wheel of needles across your skin before slathering on your moisturizer—and you should see the effects of your efforts in no time. Now you have yet another beautifying piece of hardware to store in your beauty toolbox alongside your jade roller and humidifier.

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