Here’s the Best At-Home Pilates Workout Based On Your Specific Goals

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Pilates is one of the most underrated ways to work out. People who haven't tried it generally think it's easy, but once they hit the mat, they're in for a surprise. That all-over burn is serious business, and you don't just feel it in the moment—you also feel it the next day when every muscle in your body is sore.

Aside from the toning benefits, another major perk of Pilates is that you can do it anywhere. All you need is a mat—or even some cushiony carpet—and you're good to go. These at-home Pilates workout options will take you though a series of exercises that target different areas, allowing you to pick exactly which type of sweat sesh you want to do based on your workout goals. Or, you can play them one by one to give you a full class. (Because TBH, in true Pilates fashion, you'll feel it all over.)

Whichever you choose, get ready, because your entire body is about to burn in 3, 2, 1...

Press play on the best at-home Pilates workout based on your workout goals

If you want a super-strong core:

In this 15-minute workout video, you'll go through all the moves that keep your core strong. I'm talking planks, twists, and curls—no equipment required.

If you want to fire up your glutes and legs:

Typically, Pilates workouts are done lying down on a mat. In this standing version, you'll work your glutes like never before with squats, lunges, and balancing challenges.

If you want to make your arms and upper body burn:

Your whole body will get fired up in this quickie seven-minute workout—especially your arms with the push-ups and seated tricep dips.

If you want to work your entire body in record time:

Using a Pilates ring if you have one (it's not at all needed!), this workout takes you through moves that target your entire body, from your glutes to your obliques.

Flow through this at-home Pilates workout for better hip mobility (and, of course, core strength). Then find out why a lot of people are ditching bootcamps for Pilates.

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