The Best at-Home Self-Care Ritual for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Regardless of whether you have extra time on your hands right now or are busier than ever, self care deserves a prioritized spot at the top of your to-do list. Amid the coronavirus crisis, we're all navigating uncertain times of unprecedented proportions, and adapting to a new (albeit temporary) normal is a taxing process. While your regular rejuvenating and stress-relieving go-tos—like a class at your local yoga studio, or an acai bowl from your juice shop, or anything else—may not be available right now, that doesn't mean you can't still nourish your mind, body, and soul using at-home self-care rituals.

Not sure what will nourish you most? To provide some inspiration, astrologers share the best at-home self-care rituals to practice, according to your sun sign.

Scroll down for the best at-home self-care ritual to try, according to your sign.

Aries: Move with excitement

"To feel happy, Aries needs movement and a sense of excitement," says astrologer Juliana Rose Teal. "Exercise will relieve feelings of restlessness."

And, since Aries is a fire sign that rules the head, eyes, and brain, astrologer Alice Inoue recommends giving some extra TLC to those areas with activities like hair masks, scalp massages, and challenging your mind to learn something new.

Taurus: Implement routines

Since Taurus is an Earth sign that craves stability, routine, and predictability, anything you do to ground yourself will feel deeply nourishing and will help cultivate a sense of safety. At-home self-care activities Teal suggests include cuddling with your pets, gardening, and redecorating your space.

Inoue adds that planning out your schedule, even if you're home a lot, can satisfy that need for routine and certainty.

May an herbal medicine routine is what will help you relax. For inspiration, check out the video below:

Gemini: Stimulate your mind

"One of your keywords is 'information,' Gemini, and you thrive when you are learning," Teal says. "You need mental stimulation in order not to feel bored." To keep your mind entertained, she recommends calling friends and family, reading, and taking online classes.

Cancer: Keep it comfy and cozy

Home is very important for Cancer, so Teal and Inoue agree you should ensure your space feels as comfortable as possible during these uncertain times. "Choose an area in your home or room, and bring your favorite items to make it cozy," Inoue says. "Make a hot homemade compress with essential oils such as lavender, rose, or peppermint and place it on your chest or stomach while you relax." Other things you can do to cultivate that feeling of comfort include preparing delicious meals and taking care of your own needs first before taking care of your loved ones.

Leo: Enjoy sunshine and creativity

"You are solar-powered, Leo, since the sign of Leo is connected to the sun," Teal says. "Soaking up sunshine in moderation will keep you cheerful." It's also important for Leos to tend to their creative side, whether that means taking photos, drawing, or painting.

Virgo: Get organized

"The Earth needs of a Virgo mainly require clarity and organization," Inoue says. "To support this, make a plan this month to clean and neaten one drawer a day. Identify the drawer or area on your calendar and literally schedule the task daily." Focusing your energy on keeping things in your space in order will help you feel calmer and less worried about things that are beyond your control.

Libra: Schedule virtual social time

"Relationships are important to you, Libra, and for your peace of mind, you need to connect with close friends frequently," Teal says. "You feel nervous when things are out of balance or are inharmonious, so if there are relationships in your life in need of mending, now is the time to do that."

In other words, pencil in more virtual hangout sessions with friends and family. Now is also a good time to filter out the people in your life who drain you, and "make a plan to gracefully transition them out of your life as we move out of quarantine," Inoue says.

Scorpio: Journal

For this water sign, emotions run deep, and having healthy outlets for those feelings is essential. "Journaling will help you release pent-up emotions," Teal says. "Sometimes, you need a good escape, and an intriguing mystery movie would be right up your alley. Deeply connecting to a loved one [also] sustains you and makes you feel safe and not alone in the world."

Sagittarius: Plan your next adventure

Sagittarius needs to explore, Inoue says, and since you can't necessarily travel far at the moment, you can use this time to map out your next adventure, complete with a detailed itinerary. She also suggests taking online classes to satisfy your need for intellectual expansion and help you feel productive and accomplished.

Capricorn: Ground yourself

If you're a Capricorn who is feeling a bit depleted, Inoue recommends supporting your inner Earth element needs by getting your space in order. "If things have gotten messy during this time, take the time to set up your environment," she says. "Decluttering and clearing out your closets will help replenish your energy." Grounding yourself also helps tap into that Earth energy. "Getting outside, even if it is in your yard, will make you feel stable and grounded," Teal says.

If you're looking for a grounding practice that incorporates your plants, check out the video below for some ideas:

Aquarius: Free play

This air sign has a deep desire to feel creative, free, and unencumbered. So, Inoue suggests your at-home self-care practice could include activities that have no rules or expected outcome. "Do it simply for the experience," she says. "Start making something. Paint, draw, or doodle."

Aquarius also has a passion for making a difference, so do things for others as well. "Talking to like-minded people and coming up with ways to help society can keep you from getting frustrated and bored," Teal says.

Pisces: Create a vision board

To tap into the water sign in you, Pisces, use this time to get clear on your vision for the year. "Take the magazines around your house and set aside an afternoon to make a vision board," Inoue says. "Use an app or go online to follow guided visualizations that can help you start to manifest the things you need and want in life."

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