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Why working out with your girl squad is key to chasing your dreams in 2018


Well+Good EditorsJanuary 24, 2018

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You count on your BFF to get you through tough breakups and to lend you her favorite shirt when you have nothing to wear—so when you’ve got goals, you know she’s got your back.

The pros agree: Sweating with your squad really is the key to making sure your fitness resolutions stick—no matter what your aspirations might be.

“Working out with friends keeps you accountable, and it gives you a different social reason to hang out,” said Charlee Atkins, creator of buzzy workout Le Sweat and its recovery counterpart Le Stretch. “Shared experiences can often be more fun than solo ones.” And who doesn’t want to add more fun to their workout routine?

Well+Good readers put the idea to the test at our sold-out Up For Anything workout (led by (Re)New Year instructors Atkins and Mile High Run Club coach Jess Movold) where they jumped, lunged, and squatted at Athleta‘s New York City Flatiron studio in celebration of girl power and a new year of being up for, well, anything.

And if working out with friends isn’t motivation enough, a new pair of leggings always helps—which is why workout-goers got dibs on scoring the new Athleta Up For Anything Tights (the mega-versatile legging that’s made to carry you through any workout your BFF—that’s best fit friend—might dare you to try).

Scroll down for proof that sweating together is always better—and to see what went down behind the scenes at our NYC workout.


athleta up for anything workout event

The instructors were all smiles pre-workout, but the sweat sesh they had planned was intense. Following 30 minutes of Le Sweat-inspired cardio, Movold wrapped things up with 30 minutes of strength training moves. (AKA there were several reports of very sore legs the next day—and also endorphin-charged, post-workout hugs).

athleta up for anything workout event

Atkins stretched it out before things got going in true Le Stretch style, which preaches the importance of preventative recovery for regular workout-goers. (Foam rolling not optional.)

athleta up for anything workout event

Hydration came courtesy of Flow Water, the buzzy alkaline water that’s loaded with electrolytes to help stimulate athletic recovery. Attendees even got VIP access to the Canadian brand’s hot new flavors (cucumber mint and lemon ginger) at the first stateside tasting.

athleta up for anything tights

Atkins got everyone (very) warmed up with ab work on the mats—but only after the group completed multiple sets of jump squats, quick footwork, and short sprints around the room.


athleta up for anything tights

As a coach at Mile High Run Club and avid marathoner (casual), Movold is a firm believer in cross-training rather than sticking to running all day every day. Her routine incorporated moves like weighted squats, side lunges, and standing balance techniques to engage the core.

athleta up for anything workout event

Smiling because the hard part was over, or because three of them were about to win a complimentary pair of Up For Anything Tights?

athleta up for anything workout event

Post-workout fuel was doled out by Purely Elizabeth granola (what up, chocolate and cashew coconut), which guests nibbled on while they awaited the results of the drawing for three pairs of tights and three Athleta gift cards (AKA license to participate in the activewear shopping spree of their dreams).

athleta up for anything workout event

Then came the really fun part. Guests enjoyed an exclusive discount to shop the floor of the Fifth Avenue Athleta store. Because when you work out that hard, you earn that new pair of leggings.


athleta up for anything workout event

Readers stashed their haul in Well+Good tote bags, of course, which gave them a takeaway reminder of their girl-power fueled day. “It’s always great to kick some butt and break a sweat with a group of awesome women,” Atkins said. Amen to that.

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Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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