The 4 Buzziest Workouts You Need to Try Across the Country in 2018

The daily spinach-banana smoothie. The weekly yoga class. The same black leggings. If you're shaking your head in recognition, it's official: You need to switch up your routine.

When it comes to fitness, any trainer will tell you that varying your workouts is essential—which is solid advice not just for targeting every part of your body, but also for keeping your everyday jam as fresh as your Netflix queue.

Here's where to get an endorphin charge, from dance to boxing to high-vibe pursuits.

In that spirit, we're dropping the ultimate countdown of the top spots in four cities across the U.S. to get an endorphin charge, from dance to boxing to high-vibe pursuits.

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Scroll down for four buzzy spots you need to check out in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco this year—all in your super fly leggings.  



The aerial studio: Air Aerial Fitness
If you ever watched Pink perform live, and thought "I need to try that," this Chicago studio (which has expanded all the way to California and Alaska) is it. Think: Core-targeting Pilates, yoga, and ballet moves all performed in gravity-defying aerial hammocks.

The cycling studio: Studio Three 
Technically, this fitness mecca is more than just a cycling studio. The first floor features HIIT classes, and the light-filled top floor is for yoga. But it’s the second story that’s dedicated to all things spin—complete with stadium seating and Peloton bikes—that draws the crowds.

The HIIT studio: Shred 415
This local fitness powerhouse has become such a hit that there’s now an outpost in practically every neighborhood. The sweat sessions here alternate between running on a treadmill to strength training with weights in four 15-minute periods. (Get ready to sweat.)

The climbing studio: First Ascent
Climbing gyms are popping up all over the country, and First Ascent is staying on top of the trend with three locations in Chicago. Scaling the massive, colorful walls actually test both your strength and your mind, since you map out your path as you go.


Los Angeles

The yoga studio: Roam
This new Silver Lake studio is the brainchild of two in-demand LA instructors (who train the likes of Adam Levine and Salma Hayek). Hint: It's super buzzy. But inside, you'll score vinyasa flow classes for all levels and restorative energy healing sessions, which means there’s something for everyone.

The dance-inspired studio: LEKFit
If you follow Busy Philipps on Insta, then you’ve seen her document her numerous sweaty sessions at this high-energy spot. The dance-inspired method features intervals of low-impact moves, cardio, and muscle-sculpting techniques on mats and trampolines. Bouncing for the win.

The boxing studio: BoxUnion
Boxing gets a California cool makeover at this Santa Monica studio, which offers a bright, beachy vibe unlike the hardcore decor at most boxing studios. In each sesh, expect a mix of cardio conditioning, air punching, and heavy bag work. 

The meditation studio: The Den
Taking care of your mind is just as important as any sweaty workout. To remind yourself, hit up this uber popular spot for sound baths, private meditation sessions, and mindful meditation 101.


New York City

The yoga studio: Sky Ting Yoga 
NYC’s chic downtown crowd flocks to this light and airy studio (which boasts locations in Tribeca and Chinatown) for elevated classes with a side of cheek (thanks to the giant stuffed giraffe and flamingo). Inside, you'll get a blend of various traditional yoga methods—but trust: This is where the cool girls go. 

The cycling studio: Swerve
Mindful, feel-good spin classes are great inspiration, but sometimes you just want to get competitive. That’s the vibe in the energetic classes at Swerve’s Flatiron and Midtown locations, where you divide into three teams that compete in zippy races set to a soundtrack that would make Diplo jealous.

The boxing studio: Rumble
Boxing isn’t losing any steam, and this hotspot (with two NYC outposts, and another set to open on the Upper East Side in early 2018) is proof. The classes (hello, nightclub lighting!) keeps things interesting by having you switch between rounds of punching on a bag and strength-training circuits with weights.

The rowing studio: Current
The candle-lit classes at this stylish Tribeca rowing studio also incorporate cardio and core-strengthening moves, so you’re getting a full-body workout every time you settle in for a sesh. Plus, the inspirational instructors somehow know just the right things to say to keep you super motivated. 


San Francisco

The Pilates studio: Burn
Burn has become the local authority on Pilates 2.0, with intimate classes that move between Pilates springs and resistance bands as well as fast-paced cardio with free weights. The workout hybrid has developed a cult following, which explains why you’ll find five locations around the city.

The yoga studio: Moxie 
Power yoga is the name of the game at this SF mini-empire. The flow skips the spiritual aspects of yoga and instead focuses strictly on fitness by introducing modifications to traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa poses and adding in some Pilates and resistance stretching. 

The strength-training studio: Lifted
The intimate (we're talking seven students, max) 90-minute sessions at this studio focus on a combo of resistance training and meditation. Each session begins with breathing exercises, before easing into hefty weight-lifting and ending with a 20-minute guided meditation. (Talk about a mind-body connection.)

The hip-hop dance studio: Uforia Studios
It's all about the rhythm at these Palo Alto and Nob Hill outposts, where heart-pounding soundtracks are the norm. Music-driven cycling and cardio are on the menu, but it’s the pop and hip-hop "learn the video choreography" dance sessions that have the biggest following. Just tag Beyoncé.

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