If You Only Wear One Fabric To Work Out, a Pro Athlete Says To Make It This One

Photo: Stocksy/Ani Dimi & Well+Good Creative
It’s no secret that throwback style has made its mark on athleticwear in a major way (looking at you, Princess Di biker shorts). A classic retro ‘fit—from tube socks to oversize tees—is the envy of the gym these days, both in fashion and in function.

Few activities epitomize that retro-inspired, feel-good energy like roller skating, and just like the throwback threads you’ve been seeing everywhere, the sport is having a serious moment. Take it from professional roller skater Jasmine Moore, who loves the combination of physical exertion, self expression, and nostalgia she gets every time she laces up. For her, a workout wardrobe that encourages that combo (plus maximum comfort) is essential.

“My favorite skate memories mostly consist of me skating in a basic cotton tee and shorts in my backyard to my favorite playlist until my body is tired and my soul is fulfilled.”

The fabric that she constantly turns to? The original activewear staple: cotton, because of its quality, breathability, and ability to withstand the occasional tumble.

For Moore, cotton is synonymous with where her journey started. “My favorite skate memories mostly consist of me skating in a basic cotton tee and shorts in my backyard to my favorite playlist until my body is tired and my soul is fulfilled,” she says.

It’s that joy of movement that makes roller skating an enduring, ever-popular activity. And when it comes to standing the test of time, it’s met its match with cotton activewear.

Keep reading to learn why this professional athlete is all in on cotton activewear.

1. It’s accessible to everyone

Moore’s goal in roller skating, creating content, and sharing it with the world is simple. She wants people to know that this kind of physical and emotional wellness is attainable for everyone, no matter what. It doesn't require a certain ability, agility, or physique.

“A fitness routine that includes skating is important to me because oftentimes leading an active lifestyle is made daunting by having to go to a gym or engaging in environments where most people are made uncomfortable for a plethora of reasons,” Moore says. “Skating comes with a community of all shapes and sizes who are supportive of your efforts to better yourself beyond your physical appearance.”

And with that sense of belonging, cotton fits right in. “My favorite attribute of cotton that plays a role in my fitness journey would be how accessible cotton products are, whether it be T-shirts, shorts, [or] jeans—the fabric exists in a wide range of styles and sizes for everyone to enjoy.” A ‘fit that feels as effortlessly cool as it looks? Consider it an all-access pass.

2. It’s breathable

Before there were all those no-sweat synthetic blends, exercise buffs relied on cotton for a super breezy workout—and they were onto something, according to Moore. “Cotton is one of the best fabrics to work out in because it is breathable, allows for your body to move in comfortable ways, and tends to deal with sweat (which of course is a large part of skating) better than most other materials,” she says.

Whether you’re gearing up for a strenuous hike or a hot yoga class (or swapping your workout for a rooftop stretch sesh), a few sweat-proof cotton staples will keep things chill… in more ways than one. Opt for an all-day exercise romper, a pink bralette, and a retro pair of breathable socks.

3. It feels like a hug

Comfort is king, especially when you're exercising. “The primary benefits of wearing cotton during your workouts would be the softness against your skin and overall flowiness of cotton products,” says Moore. But the feeling runs a whole lot deeper than that.

Slipping on that beloved cotton sweatshirt is nostalgic in the best way. It's a mini mood-boost reminding you of where you've been, where you're going, and the things—both tangible and intangible—that accompany you every step of the way.

“When I look back at past videos of myself skating, I can identify my joy and how present I was in those moments,” Moore says, “but I can also see how much I’ve grown as a person and a roller skater.” That’s the feel-good factor of fitness that’s never going out of style.


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