The Case for Actually Going Out (Even Though Staying in Feels *so* Good)

Photo: Pexels/picjumbo
If you were to make a list of social activities that you assumed were good for longevity, chances are things like boutique fitness classes and group meditations would top your list. But according to new research, sometimes it's the hobbies that aren't so obvious that could help you live longer, too. Exhibit A: New research finds  that going to concerts on a regular basis is linked to living a longer, healthy life.

Skeptical that spending your Saturday night in a dimly lit bar is good for your health? (After all, the "staying in is the new going out" trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.) Well, researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London found that spending just 20 minutes at a concert was linked to raising feelings of well-being by 21 percent, self-worth by 25 percent, closeness to others by 25 percent, and mental stimulation by 75 percent. In short, it's linked to feeling generally happier, and as science has repeatedly shown, happiness is linked to living longer.

Full disclosure: The study was sponsored by O2 (AKA London's largest concert arena), which is definitely worth pointing out. Perhaps the biggest takeaway is serving as a reminder of just how important it is to spend your free time doing things you love. For a lot of participants in this study, that means seeing live music. But if concerts stress you out and you'd rather spend hygge-friendly weekends with friends talking over golden milk lattes, chances are that's doing wonders for your health too.

Either way, take this as full permission to totally rock out this weekend.

Other major longevity factors: your relationships and the food you eat.

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