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Why Austin Is Now a Dreamy Wellness Destination (and Dog-Lover’s Paradise)


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Ah, Austin. Land of food trucks, tacos, cacti, and more tacos. One thing you might not know about the buzzy Texan city, though? It's insanely dog-friendly, too.

In the sunny oasis (also known for it's natural springs and hiking trails), it's possible to hang outdoors with your pup at sidewalk cafes and backyard bars nearly year round—which is exactly what we did on the final stop of Our City Guide, our dog-friendly city tour with Castor & Pollux (AKA the go-to brand for organic and responsibly sourced pet food).

Danielle Sobel, owner of Austin's Juice Society and Flycatcher Farms, took us along for the ride. A proud dog mom to three rescue pups (Zoey, Lyla, and Emma), Sobel founded Juice Society to give Austinites access to healthier foods through Juice Society's signature cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and coffee potions.

The sunny climate makes it possible to hang outdoors with your four-legged sidekick at sidewalk cafes and backyard bars nearly year round.

“I had a lot of health issues growing up—so now, I go for quality first over everything," says Sobel. "I try to eat a super balanced diet, and for me, that means eating grass-fed, wild-caught, and antibiotic-free ingredients." Castor & Pollux PRISTINE™ does all of the above, too—for pets. Translation: The number one ingredient is responsibly raised meat and poultry or wild-caught fish, with fruits and vegetables grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

Watch the video above to see all of Sobel's fave pet-friendly Austin locales (including happy-hour spot Yard Bar and morning-walk must Red Bud Isle Park), and click below to launch an interactive map of all her picks.


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