The Newest Class of Skin-Saving Ingredients Hails From…

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Dedicated beauty aficionados keep an ear to the ground about the rave-worthy skin care coming from every locale around the globe. And while sheet masks from South Korea and micellar waters from France are well-known entities, homegrown skin savers from Australia are getting added to carts at a quick pace.

The clean-beauty scene in the land down under is booming. Easy-does-it beauty reigns supreme, so it’s no surprise skin-care enthusiasts are going nuts for the natural, non-toxic options and products derived from ingredients that sound as though they've been plucked straight from sun-drenched gardens.

“Australians are very focused on clean ingredients and care about where each ingredient has been sourced from and how it has been refined,” says Zoe Kelly, the co-founder of Dr. Roebuck’s, a natural vegan skin-care line that uses pure active ingredients (all of which you can pronounce). “I think America is catching up to the clean-beauty movement.”

Whether you're thinking about detoxing your get-glowy a.m. routine (and have no clue where to start) or are looking for new can't-live-without-them essentials, we've tapped a couple Australian clean-beauty experts to give you the scoop on the natural beauty ingredientsand the products that contain themthat are *bound* to be smash hits stateside.

Scroll down to discover the superstar botanical beauty ingredients Aussie women can’t get enough of.

Macadamia oil
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Macadamia oil

When twin co-founders Kim Devin and Kelly launched Dr. Roebuck’s in 2011 (inspired by an all-natural cream invented by their doctor dad decades earlier), the one ingredient they were most excited about getting in the hands of fellow radiant-skin seekers was macadamia oil because it's a close match to the naturally occurring sebum in skin.

The natural hydrator is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog pores). Since the beginning, the founders have incorporated the high-grade, cold-pressed macadamia oil in a number of skin boosters including the line's best-selling No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer. The naturally occurring squalene and oleic acid in the oil encourage cell regeneration and helps rehab seriously parched complexions.

Kakadu plum

One of the buzziest botanic ingredients on the Australian skin-care scene is Kakadu plum. “It contains a huge source of natural vitamin C (more than any other fruit on Earth) and antioxidants, which makes it perfect for collagen production and reducing pigmentation,” says Asha Evertsz, Melbourne-based holistic corneotherapist and facialist who specializes in treating reactive, sensitive skin. Moisturizers and serums that tap the miraculous fruit intend to improve skin texture and reverse sun damage.


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Caviar lime extract

Caviar lime is another tree-grown fruit native to Australia (and New Zealand) recognized for its bounty of skin benefits. Kelly discovered the youth-boosting effects of the powerhouse ingredient firsthand when testing various pure extracts. “I noticed that the Caviar lime extract quickly brightened my complexion,” she says. “The change in my complexion was incredible. I have since added the extract to my daily brightening routine.”

The fruit rich in AHAs exfoliates skin without irritation. “It promotes a natural exfoliation of the outermost layer of skin,” she says. “[My sister and I] apply a pure Caviar Lime Extract directly onto the skin for an instant brightening effect that’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.”


“Calendula, otherwise known as marigold, has a long skin-healing history,” says Evertsz, who treats clients looking for natural interventions for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and dermatitis. The botanical’s anti-fungal properties help ease symptoms of folliculitis—particularly, the small red bumps that commonly occur when hair follicles are inflamed. For stressed-out skin, she recommends making a soothing compress. “I encourage my clients to make up a calendula compress by simply soaking the flowers (purchased from a health food store) in hot water and then using the liquid as a compress when cooled,” she says.

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Kiwi seed extract

The minuscule seeds in kiwis (that most of us don’t notice in fruit salad) hold a rejuvenating secret. The specks are exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids (also abundant in wild salmon and flaxseed) known to hydrate and smooth skin. As a skin specialist, Evertsz uses a kiwi seed oil extract on clients experiencing dermatitis (skin inflammation) “The oil, extracted from the seeds of the kiwi fruit through cold pressing, is highly anti-inflammatory and ideal for calming and soothing inflamed skin conditions.” In daily-use creams and serums, expect the kiwi seed oil to help hydrate and plump skin.


“Facial oils have developed a cult following,” Evertsz says. Hoping to score effortlessly dewy complexions, Aussies lather on hemp, chia, avocado, olive oils—and boab oil, in particular. Boab oil is squeezed out of seeds and nuts from the indigenous medicinal plant found in the Western Australia region. The anti-inflammatory oil is potent in vitamin C and calcium. Slather on your face and body to smooth skin texture and minimize appearance of stretch marks. Plant-powered skin care for the win.


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