Christina Manian, RD

My name’s Christina and I’m a driven freelance writer, registered dietitian, and sustainable food systems professional. I feel most passionately about improving the health of the planet and its people through evidence-based information, equitable education, and ethical products.

For over seven years, I have been working as a clinician in both the hospital and outpatient settings, treating thousands of patients with the power of nutrition. During this time, I have also been creating written nutrition and healthcare content, helping to educate a larger audience on how food can make a difference in their health and wellbeing. In these roles, I’ve honed my ability to translate complicated information into approachable material for a diverse population.

Most recently, I have learned about sustainability in relation to food systems through the Masters of the Environment program at the University of Colorado Boulder. This education, combined with my past experience, has solidified my desire for a career where I use writing as a tool to educate and inspire people to action.

Christina's Stories