Hannah Schneider

Health Writer

Hannah Schneider is a health writer from the Midwest. She is currently based in Brooklyn—writing pieces that cut through the noise of health and wellness, to deliver readers accurate information that is both trans-inclusive and body positive. This includes anything from nutrition, urology, and fitness, and reviewing the latest and greatest wellness products. She has covered queer swimwear, plus-size issues, clothing, sex, and dating, and has written for Them, Elite Daily, Allure, and more. Schneider studied Rhetorical Communication and Creative Writing at Ball State University. She has been working in the media and publishing space since 2017 when she started her career in book publishing, but later transitioned to media because she wanted to be the one writing. Schneider was previously a sexual health and dating reporter for Elite Daily, and a freelancer who honed in on body positivity, health, style, and commerce stories relevant to those topics for Them, Best Products, Allure, and Refinery29. Living through the pandemic in New York City shaped her as a person and her career, as she decided to focus her work more on topics that fall under the wide umbrella of health and wellbeing. During the Spring of 2020, Schneider was a volunteer with Med Supply Drive, which was a part of calling laundromats, hotels, and art galleries to ask them to donate their extra gloves, hair nets, and even shower curtains.

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