Saanya Ali

Saanya Ali is a storyteller, writer, photographer, hostess, and the founder of SOIRÉE—a site dedicated to making hosting the perfect dinner party easy. She received her BA from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Mixed Media Storytelling and a focus in Human Rights and Cross-Culturalism. Saanya previously worked as photojournalist, filmmaker, and press/publicity liaison for SXSW, and later as a producer, writer, and DEI representative for Well+Good, before leaving in March 2022 to start SOIRÉE.

She continues to write articles covering women’s wellness and lifestyle topics in a freelance capacity. An avid traveler with a very multicultural background, she has always been fascinated by the culture, tradition, and uniting nature of food, and hopes to tell stories of home and bringing light to social issues she is passionate about. You can contact her via email at

Saanya's Stories