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The Avoca-Dude Body Pillow Is Basically Your Dream Relationship


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Photo illustration by Abby Maker for Well+Good
Sure, you see each other three times a day, but true avo-love goes beyond meals. It's time to take your relationship with avocado to the next level: spending the night together.

"I found myself missing avocado when I went to bed, even though I just had some at dinner," says April Omega. If you find yourself thinking, same girl, get excited: Omega turned her longing into something she could have and hold all night long with the Avoca-Dude, a body pillow that officially launches today.

Omega designed the 20-inch long pillow (which is hypoallergenic, natch) to be body-conforming while still possessing the same qualities as the fruit IRL. "He's a little rough on the outside, but under that tough exterior is a softness," she says of Avoca-Dude. "The fabric actually has real avocado oil, so it nourishes your skin as you sleep."

"I found myself missing avocado when I went to bed!"

But getting Avoca-Dude made wasn't an easy process. Omega approached home-goods company Foodjya (known for their water-resistant kale massager) with the idea last year, but they wanted her to make some changes she wasn't comfortable with. "They said Avoca-Dude was too fat around the middle—they didn't understand he's the good kind of fat!" Omega laments. (After all, avocado bod is the new dad bod.)

The budding entrepreneur stuck with her vision—not altering the shape of the fruit at all, only scaling it up for size—and the pear shape lends itself to major cuddling. (You just might want to refrain from eating avocado toast in bed—no one likes a jealous Avoca-Dude!)

Now that she's perfected this bed companion, Omega is at work expanding her line to include a beauty mark sleep mask, Gauc-A-Mole-Away, due out this summer.

Why get dressed up and haunt the produce aisle searching for The One when your perfect Avoca-Dude is right at home in bed, waiting for you? Just remember to shield his eyes while watching The Cooking Channel together....

Avoca-Dude is available on now for $100. (Also: April Fool's!)

If you're bummed out Avoca-Dude doesn't exist (yet!), you can still buy these very real avocado home decor items. Or, just eat your sorrows away.

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